How To Wear A Long Pleated Skirt

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How To Wear A Long Pleated Skirt
How To Wear A Long Pleated Skirt

Video: How To Wear A Long Pleated Skirt

Video: How To Wear A Long Pleated Skirt
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A long skirt is a very feminine and elegant wardrobe item. Recently, length to the ankle and below is very popular with fashionistas. Stylish girls were especially favored by pleated skirts to the floor.

How to wear a long pleated skirt
How to wear a long pleated skirt

Pleated skirt: features of a stylish thing

Plisse looks very romantic and unusual. Narrow vertical pleats give the skirt a bold and distinctive look. With the help of such a product, it is easy to create both a casual and an evening feminine look.

Pleated skirts differ in the material of execution. They are made of chiffon, silk, satin, fine cotton. There are also more "heavy" specimens: leather, suede or velvet.

Pleats (pleats) can vary in width. Skirts can be either plain or patterned. The latter, thanks to the vertical folds, looks very impressive. Some designers even create unusual visual effects based on the fact that the pleat "stretches" when it moves. As a result, the print seems to come to life.

It should be noted that long pleated skirts are ideal for girls with any figure. The folds in this case do not add extra volume, but visually stretch the silhouette. This will make you look slimmer and taller. Especially if you choose the right complementary elements.

What to wear with a long pleated skirt

The long pleated skirt allows you to create a variety of elegant and beautiful looks. Such clothes will make you feel like a real woman. You are guaranteed to catch on yourself a lot of admiring and interested male looks.

The easiest way to combine is to wear a pleated skirt with a cotton or knit top. Please note: the T-shirt will not look good here. The best option: a T-shirt with thin straps. You can choose as a simple product, as well as a thing with a spectacular lace trim or embroidery in the neckline.

If you prefer off-the-shoulder garments, look at guipure T-shirts. This combination will look very feminine and festive. If there is no lining, you can put on a jacket with a classic cut on top. A cotton product is suitable for going out, and a denim product for every day.

The pleated skirt is also combined with business style items. Put on a sheer cotton or chiffon shirt, buttoned up under the throat. Use a jacket on top. Be careful: its length should only reach the waist of the skirt. You can add sparkle to your look with a beautiful necklace, putting it under the collar itself.

A long pleated skirt is a great choice on cooler days. In bad weather, wear it with a plain sweater. Products with a relief pattern look most impressive: braids, knobs, honeycombs, etc. If the sweater is long, do not tuck it into the skirt, but simply grab it with a thin belt in the waist area. Please note: if there is no collar, you can wear a shirt under the pullover.

You can also wear a long pleated skirt with jackets. The best option is short models made of suede and leather. Wear a simple T-shirt / top or an eye-catching blouse underneath your outerwear. Add accessories if desired: neckerchief, graceful pendant, gloves, clutch. An elongated fur vest complemented by a wide / narrow belt will also suit a pleated skirt.

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