How To Tie A Bow Tie

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How To Tie A Bow Tie
How To Tie A Bow Tie

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Ties are tied in a variety of ways. One of these methods is a beautiful and original knot, known to everyone as a "butterfly". This tie is suitable for a variety of events, and best of all, it is not that difficult to tie.

Bow tie - knotting steps
Bow tie - knotting steps

Is it difficult to tie a bow tie?

A bow tie always looks elegant. This knot is tied in just one way. However, this is no less difficult to do than dealing with other tie knots.

Recently, they have become accustomed to tying a butterfly with one simple knot, which is used on shoes. But is it as easy to do as it seems at first glance?

First, it is recommended that you practice tying a bow tie on your leg, and then proceed to a more complex procedure. So, for left-handers it is more convenient to train on the left leg, and for right-handers, respectively, on the right. These exercises will help you quickly master the movements necessary to create a knot.

Stages of tying a butterfly

Before the procedure for creating a knot, you need to prepare by lifting the shirt collar and positioning the tie so that one end (left) is longer than the other by a third. Next, you should do the following:

- cross the tie so that its left end is on top of the right one. In this case, the tapes should be crossed in the narrowest places;

- stretch the left end of the tie under the right and tie a regular knot without tightening it tightly;

- fold the left part of the accessory in half;

- Take the folded end in your right hand and put it in the middle of the other part of the tie;

- Pass the free end of the butterfly so that it wraps around the folded part of the accessory. Thus, a loop is obtained;

- fold the other part of the tie in half and circle it around the folded end left on the left. Then pass the right end through the resulting loop;

- push the folded right end inward to secure it and straighten the butterfly.

A Few Tips

In the last step, you need to be very careful not to let go of the double ends of the tie from your hands. After the bow tie is tied, you should firmly tighten its ends and straighten the accessory. This is necessary so that the butterfly's "wings" do not hang down.

To straighten the butterfly, you need to grasp the simple and double ends and at the same time pull them in opposite directions.

Bow tie options

Depending on the upcoming celebration and the desired image, the type of material, the model of the bow and its size are selected.

The most common cut of butterflies is considered to be options with pipe-shaped ends and with constrictions on ribbons. An elegant tie can be tied using only the first option.

A correctly chosen bow tie should not be wider than the distance between the edges of the shirt collar and the outer corners of the eyes.

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