How To Shorten The Bracelet On The Watch

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How To Shorten The Bracelet On The Watch
How To Shorten The Bracelet On The Watch

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Many of us, having bought or received a wristwatch as a gift, faced the problem of discrepancy between the size of the hand and the diameter of the bracelet. Don't be upset. This problem is easy to fix even at home. By following the instructions below, you can shrink a standard metal watch strap.

How to shorten the bracelet on the watch
How to shorten the bracelet on the watch


Step 1

Before starting work, stock up on the necessary tools: pliers, an awl, and a small rigid object with a cavity (for example, a nut). Also, do not forget to free the work surface from foreign things, otherwise the small parts of the bracelet may get lost during operation.

Step 2

Getting started with the bracelet. As a rule, a metal bracelet for a watch consists of several parts and in order to shorten it, you only need to remove a few of these parts. When removing fragments of a bracelet, remember two rules. Firstly, if you are shortening the bracelet by more than one piece, you need to remove an equal number of pieces from each side of the bracelet, otherwise the clasp of the watch may cause discomfort when worn. Secondly, please note that not all parts of the bracelet are the same. Most often, the first two of them are larger, so it is better to start shortening from the third part of the bracelet.

Step 3

So, remove the extra piece of the bracelet. Put the bracelet on its side, put a nut under the hole between the links of the bracelet. On the other side of the bracelet, use an awl to squeeze out the pins holding the bracelet element to be removed. As a rule, there are arrows on the back of the bracelet to make it easier to determine the direction in which to extrude the pin. The entire pin can be easily pulled out with pliers. Delete the required number of fragments. After that, you can start assembling the bracelet: just connect the remaining parts of the bracelet using a hairpin. The shortened watch bracelet is ready.

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