How To Shorten The Bracelet On A Tissot Watch

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How To Shorten The Bracelet On A Tissot Watch
How To Shorten The Bracelet On A Tissot Watch

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You became the proud owner of a Tissot Swiss watch, but when you tried them on, it turned out that the strap was a little too big? You can take the watch to the nearest workshop, but if there is no time or desire for this, try to adjust everything yourself.

How to shorten the bracelet on a Tissot watch
How to shorten the bracelet on a Tissot watch


Step 1

First, try on your watch and decide how many links you have to remove. Be careful not to let the watch pinch your wrist or be too loose. Remember where the outermost links are to be removed.

Step 2

Examine the inside of the strap. Each link has two pins: one looks like a small cog, and the other is just a slight bulge.

Step 3

Try simply unscrewing the screw with a small screwdriver. If all the tools you have are large, sharpen them, or use nail scissors or a nail file. Unscrew the screws at the outermost links that you need to remove and remove the excess strap.

Step 4

Connect the strap by inserting one link into the other and securing the pins.

Step 5

In some models, it is impossible to unscrew the screw, since the groove in it is not deep enough (it was made just for decoration). In this case, the mount just needs to be squeezed out.

Step 6

Note that there are arrows drawn on the inside of the strap links. Take a straightened paper clip or needle of sufficient thickness and press out the pin in the direction of the arrow. To do this, place the watch so that the pin does not rest against any obstacles, but the strap has a stop. Place a paper clip or needle on the post and tap it gently with pliers, or, for example, scissors. When the pin begins to come out, pick up and pull it out. If you keep knocking it out, it will either fly out and get lost, or you ruin the mount it comes in. Repeat the operation with the second link.

Step 7

Connect the strap by removing excess links and reinserting the pin. Make sure that the links are tight and that the pin does not slide out.

Step 8

Try the watch again, and if you're uncomfortable add or remove links.

Step 9

Do not discard excess strap links. Sometimes it happens that during the day, the hand swells, and the watch strap begins to press. In this case, you will again have to increase it by one or two links, and if you throw them out, then it will be impossible to do this.

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