How To Open A Beauty Parlor

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How To Open A Beauty Parlor
How To Open A Beauty Parlor

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When deciding to start your own business, you need to understand what is best to organize. Either a sewing workshop, or a small atelier, or a gym, or a hairdresser. A good choice is a beauty parlor, because there you can organize both a solarium and a manicure and pedicure workshop, provide a variety of hardware services by purchasing the necessary equipment.

How to open a beauty parlor
How to open a beauty parlor

It is necessary

Initial capital, premises, qualified personnel, advertising


Step 1

First of all, you need to choose a room, it should be in plain sight, in a walk-through place. It is necessary to inspect the surroundings in advance, whether there are too many beauty parlors in one area, it is not so easy to entice customers from competitors. You need to find out the prices for services in nearby beauty parlors in order to know what to start from when drawing up a price list.

It is imperative to ennoble the premises with light repairs so that clients, entering the office, do not get scared and do not run away.

Step 2

It is necessary to start looking for personnel a month before the opening, since according to the legislation, working people will have to refine it at the same place for some time. The staff must be qualified, it is better to hire a person with recommendations from the previous place of work. Often a good cosmetologist has his own client base, people will go to the appointment from anywhere in the city. Please note that staff must periodically take refresher courses, either at the expense of the institution or at their own expense. Nevertheless, it is very useful to reward employees with periodic bonuses, because they can always be lured away by competitors.

Step 3

Decide on the services provided, whether there is enough space in the office to install a solarium. Perhaps it will not be superfluous to provide hairdressing services. A specialist in skin and body care will also be needed. Various massages are also popular.

It is better to purchase multifunctional equipment so that the needs of any client can be satisfied. Small advertising within the district will be simply necessary, especially at first, allocate the necessary funds for these needs.

Cosmetic preparations need to be purchased with a margin, so that at the most inopportune moment something is missing. Be sure to discuss these nuances with the staff.

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