Haircut "pompadour": A New Life Of Old Ideas

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Haircut "pompadour": A New Life Of Old Ideas
Haircut "pompadour": A New Life Of Old Ideas

Video: Haircut "pompadour": A New Life Of Old Ideas

Video: Haircut "pompadour": A New Life Of Old Ideas
Video: Classic Pompadour Haircut at the Barbershop 2023, September

Pompadour is an all-time trend. This haircut is worn by women and men. Business people, celebrities, youth, hipsters prefer this hairstyle. The Pompadour style is suitable for people of any age, even modern retirees like it. How did this hairstyle originate, and how to give even more originality to your image?

Haircut "pompadour": a new life of old ideas
Haircut "pompadour": a new life of old ideas


The main idea of a haircut is combed and pulled up hair. They are located high above the forehead. The haircut is named in honor of Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson (Marquis de Pompadour), who was the official favorite of the French king Louis XV. In the beginning, the "Pompadour" was worn by the Marquis herself, soon the haircut became a sign of status and luxury. After a while, people began to curl their hair with cream, and with the help of a wire, the hair took on gigantic proportions and looked very pompous. Later, instead of scaffolds, people began to use pads made from their own or fake hair so that the hairstyle could take on more volume.

The haircut spread among fashionable women in the 18th century. Further, the style was a little forgotten, but in the end it was revived in the 1890s. This was facilitated by the image of the Gibson Girl - the ideal of female beauty, which was created by illustrator Charles Dana Gibson. Hair was also swirled upward from the face and folded at the crown.

The aristocracy moved aside, and the hairstyle became more practical for the middle class. Further, the fashion for "Pompadour" returned already in the 1940s.


The male version of the haircut was popularized by Elvis Presley in the 1950s. The singer used "Pompadour" in his music videos, on stage: fans were just in awe of his image. It was said that the hair was soaked with machine oil and soot to get hold. The hairstyle was considered "an iconic element of the American spirit", a youth image of an adherent of vintage culture: Little Richard, James Dean, Marlon Brando wore a haircut.

Features of the

  • Short hair;
  • Descending occiput;
  • Combination of long strands at the top of the head with sideburns.

The hair is combed back, laid in the form of a "tuft", or as it is also called "coca". The lifting height is always different. Indeed, this hairstyle suits a lot of people, which is why so often you can meet a person on the street who, with a slight movement of his hand, throws his hair back to add volume to his haircut.

The emphasis when creating the "pompadour" goes to the difference in the length of the hair at the top of the head and at the temples. Many people shave the back of their heads and temples, but they are not made too short so that the skin cannot show through the hair. The classics of the image disappear.

The variety of styling types helps "dudes" to experiment with the image, to adapt the hairstyle to the facial features. "Pomp" or "pompadour" looks great on people of all ages. But it must be remembered that it needs to be supported, adjusted, styled, otherwise the head will look very sloppy. This is especially true for people with unruly hair and oily skin.

Face shapes and pompadour haircut

The hairstyle makes the image of a person more daring, stylish. With a certain face shape, the hairstyle will look different.

  • Round form. Here the haircut will look great, because visually it will stretch the face, bring it closer to the oval shape;
  • The oval shape is considered the most convenient for the "pompadour". Since you can experiment with it, do the styling as the client wishes, according to his taste;
  • Triangular face shape. The haircut opens the forehead, so it is suitable for men with a triangular face. It is not worth combing strongly upward, since the face will be stretched;
  • Square face shape. You need to watch out for the lack of "angularity" of the hairstyle. It is advised to comb it up, since a haircut will look advantageous with a wide forehead.

The popularity of "pompadour"

In the USA, actors and singers, young people especially love this haircut. In the form in which the hairstyle was two hundred years ago, is no longer. But you can see its modern interpretations, since everything changes over time. Or, as they say, everything new is well forgotten old.

Which celebrity wears this haircut?

Bruno Mars is an American singer, producer and dancer. Bruno took into account the shape of his face perfectly. This haircut is perfect for him, as the high-comb version makes his facial features stand out.

Johnny Depp wore the classic pompadour in the 1990 film Crybaby. Brad Pitt, who prefers the classics. There are many haircut modifications, but they can be combined into two groups, where each has its own style.

Classic style

Typical for the fashion of the 50s, perfectly complements the image of a gentleman, gives elegance. If it is correct, of course, to look after her. The hair is combed back and up, the skin should not show through on the sides, so that the difference in the upper and lateral parts of the head is not conspicuous. Mustache, beard, sideburns complement the image.


Modern style

Although the hairstyle lives out of time and will be popular for many years to come, it can be changed, which is what hairdressers have been doing in recent years. Initially, supporters of the modern "pompadour" combed their hair back, but before that they lifted it up. Often they began to shave the area of the temples and the back of the head, which does not fit at all with the classic style. Hair is styled every day, using gels and mousses to add volume.


Men with short stature like to do more bouffant in order to become visually taller. For a good result, the correct selection of hair length is important. If the difference between the length of the side and top strands is clearly pronounced, then a catchy look is provided for a man.

Japan excelled in the pompadour hairstyle. The country adopted the fashion for the American style, but it became especially popular among street gangs and members of the yakuza (a form of organized crime in Japan, whose members are leading in the country's criminal world). Who said they can't be stylish?

Care Tips

  • Hairdressers say that if a person wants to make his hairstyle more frivolous, then you should not comb your hair absolutely smoothly: you need to give it carelessness. Lucky for those who have curly hair, because in this case they have a natural volume, you just need to comb your hair and use a small amount of gel.
  • For thin hair, to add volume, you can apply gel or wax unevenly, then use a hairdryer and a round comb. As many girls do, hair can be dried upside down and then combed back.
  • Tools needed for grooming: round and regular comb, hair wax, hairspray and hair dryer.
  • First you need to wash your hair, then choose the direction of styling to make a comb. Parting is done at the end of the procedure. Next comes the fixing with varnish.

Women's hairstyle "Pompadour"

Hairstyle has become very popular among modern extravagant women. Girls like a high fleece, an appearance that attracts attention and gives a certain "peppercorn" to the image. Many celebrities use this haircut, a great experiment with the image.


The hair is slicked back high, just like in men. But at the same time, you can use curls, release curls. At home, women with medium hair length separate the front part along with the bangs. Then, near the roots, the hair is combed and pulled back, as in the male version. You can also use a hair clip. If there are side strands, then they can be combed one by one to the center and connected at the crown.

Styling benefits

  • It doesn't take long to get your hair done;
  • Suitable for any type of hair, as it will be neat when styled firmly;
  • Variability of changing hairstyles, originality of complementing the image.