How Can You Pin Your Hair Beautifully

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How Can You Pin Your Hair Beautifully
How Can You Pin Your Hair Beautifully

Video: How Can You Pin Your Hair Beautifully

Video: How Can You Pin Your Hair Beautifully
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There are situations in life when loose hair is not very appropriate. Sometimes the setting requires a more strict hairstyle. Therefore, there are many options for pinning your hair beautifully. A skillfully made hairstyle in the form of hair collected in a shell or a bun will look no less beautiful.

How can you pin your hair beautifully
How can you pin your hair beautifully


Step 1

If you are the owner of long hair, you just need to have a small certain stock of accessories to create a wide variety of hairstyles. You will certainly need a hairpin for every day and a more elegant version, the so-called evening hairpin, decorated with fabric draperies, mother-of-pearl or rhinestones. There should also be a variety of hairpins, invisible hairpins, combs. With such a simple arsenal, you can pin your hair in a variety of ways, for all occasions.

Step 2

You can prick long hair in the following way: wash well and dry it. Then, to give the hairstyle some splendor, wind the straight strands on large curlers. Lightly comb the curls with a wide-toothed comb and twist the hair into a not too tight bundle. At the same time, tuck the ends inward. Secure the tourniquet with a flat barrette and spray your hair with a low hold spray or varnish.

Step 3

Try another, no less interesting styling option. Twist your hair into a bun and pin the barrette so that the ends of the strands hang loosely over it. This hairstyle will go well with everyday clothes.

Step 4

For more formal occasions, pin your hair in a classic bun. First, comb them thoroughly and apply mousse along the entire length to make the strands smoother and more manageable. Now tie the hair with a thin elastic band at the back of the head, roll the tail into a bun, securing it with inconspicuous hairpins. You can decorate such a hairstyle with an openwork, crocheted mesh or decorative hairpins.

Step 5

If you need to do your hair for a celebration, try this option: lightly comb your hair, then smooth it with a comb. Throw the strands to one side, fixing them next to the invisible ones. On the opposite side, smooth the hair carefully and, holding it with your fingers, twist it into a roll. When forming the fold, secure with hairpins, pricking them at an angle to the head, for better fixation. Comb the hair on your forehead gently to one side. Sprinkle the finished hairstyle with varnish.

Step 6

An indispensable accessory for instant styling is a large hair clip in the form of a velvet or silk bow with a mesh bag. To create a hairstyle, simply tie your hair into a bun at the back of your head, chipping them with a hairpin. Put the tail into the net. This option is perfect for both jeans and an evening dress.