When The Sales Start

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When The Sales Start
When The Sales Start

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The magic word "sale" sometimes attracts more buyers than the most advertised new product. It creates excitement by itself, and this is quite natural. Don't you want to buy a previously unavailable product at a discount, which, at times, can be 50 or 70 percent?

When the sales start
When the sales start


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All sales can be roughly divided into two categories: planned and spontaneous. The first group includes promotions held in honor of the holidays. The largest and longest sales in the world are timed to coincide with Christmas and New Years. As a rule, they start from December 1 and continue until mid-January (depending on the country), sellers reduce prices for almost all groups of goods.

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In February, you can count on discounts and sales in honor of Valentine's Day and Defender of the Fatherland Day. They begin a week before the event and usually end on the day of the holiday itself. At an attractive price, goods are sold that can be classified as romantic paraphernalia, as well as products marked "for men". This is followed by a women's holiday. During the week through March 8, inclusive, products from the "purely feminine" category can also be purchased at significant discounts.

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The planned decrease in prices for certain groups of goods is due to seasonality. As soon as, for example, the winter season ends, prices for warm shoes and clothes fall, and after a season, models from the same collection will be sold at even lower prices. In this light, the phrase "prepare your sled in summer" has its own economically justified meaning.

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Each particular store or retail chain may have its own planned sales, timed to coincide with a specific event, for example, the day of the foundation of the company or the opening of the store. Information about this must be found out directly from the employees of the outlet or on the seller's website.

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The rest of the sales can be safely attributed to spontaneous. They can be associated with the liquidation of a particular collection or even the store itself. In addition, in recent years, many retailers have been announcing sales for no reason. The easiest way to find out when sales in a particular store will start is via the Internet. On the network you can find many resources with constantly updated information about upcoming promotions, discounts and sales. You can set search parameters for a specific city or brand.

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Discount cards have long and firmly entered our life. Upon receiving them, the buyer fills out a questionnaire in which he indicates his contact details. Almost all stores notify holders of discount and club cards when their sales start by text messages or e-mails.

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