How To Wear Bast Shoes

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How To Wear Bast Shoes
How To Wear Bast Shoes

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Lapti is an ancient shoe that has been worn in Russia and other countries since the middle of the 14th century. Lapti were very popular, since the material for them can be found in any corner untouched by civilization - it could be linden, birch bark, vine, twine, etc. Even today, you may find it useful to be able to put on bast shoes correctly, for example, to create the desired stage image.

How to wear bast shoes
How to wear bast shoes

It is necessary

  • - bast shoes;
  • - onuchi;
  • - lace or braid.


Step 1

Prepare the onuchi from linen or woolen cloth, the length of the onuchi can be from 1.5 to 2.5 meters (less - they just won't hold), the width is about 10 cm.Wrap the onuchi around the leg, starting from the toes and ending just above the lower leg. Try to wind up tightly enough, otherwise they will slip quickly.

Step 2

Prevent the edge of the fabric from sticking out: achieve a smooth fit by twisting the winding. Secure the end of the onchi by tucking it over the edge of the last row of winding. Check that all fingers are tightly closed. If winding onuchi is too difficult for you, just put on high knee socks or leg warmers.

Step 3

Take the bast shoes and determine the right and left: initially the bast shoes are woven the same, but over time they acquire the shape of a leg. Choose sandals depending on the circumstances, for cold weather, sandals are needed a couple of sizes larger (onuchi, while warmer ones are needed), for a festive occasion they made multi-colored sandals, with patterns and original weaving.

Step 4

Fasten in the shit (ear) of the bast shoe a long lace (equipment), about 1.5 meters long, put the bast shoes on your feet and start winding the shin. Instead of a lace, you can use a narrow strip of fabric, this method will make wearing bast shoes more comfortable. Looks very impressive from leather or leatherette, but more natural - a bast pigtail or patterned braid.

Step 5

Wind crosswise, towards each other. When meeting, do not cross them, but overlap each other and change direction by 180⁰. With this method of winding, the hoops will be firmly fixed and will not fall off the leg. Tie the ends or secure with a curly crochet.

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