Cupping Massage Of The Abdomen For Weight Loss

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Cupping Massage Of The Abdomen For Weight Loss
Cupping Massage Of The Abdomen For Weight Loss

Video: Cupping Massage Of The Abdomen For Weight Loss

Video: Cupping Massage Of The Abdomen For Weight Loss
Video: Clinical Dry Cupping to the Abdomen: Using static and slide cupping techniques 2023, April

Losing pounds from problem areas, even with the help of sports, can be quite difficult. You can cope with belly fat with canned massage. The vacuum effect helps to reduce volume, improves skin condition, and stimulates blood circulation.

Cupping massage of the abdomen
Cupping massage of the abdomen

What is required for effective abdominal massage

To remove extra centimeters from your belly, you should choose high-quality oil or fatty cream. It will improve the sliding of the can on the skin, make the effect gentle. It will take a lot of funds, so for a course of 10-15 procedures, you need about 300 ml of oil or 3 tubes of cream, 50 ml each.

The effect can be enhanced with an anti-cellulite cream with a warming effect. But it is applied after the procedure, and then a cling film wrap is done. You need to keep it for 60-90 minutes. Due to this, a strong heat is felt, a lot of sweat is released.

Vacuum massage is done using a special silicone jar. You can buy it at any pharmacy. It has a soft texture and is easy to compress. The material is easy to wash.

How to massage the abdomen for weight loss

First, an oil or cream is applied to the problem area. The stomach is kneaded with hands. It is important to try to wash out the subcutaneous tissue, but you do not need to reach the muscles. The movement should be intense so that the skin turns a little pink.

Then the jar is taken out and placed on the skin. It needs to be squeezed a little before attaching. Then it seems to "suck" a part of the skin. Inside, the tubercle from the body should be no more than 1.5 cm. If you pull in more, it will hurt and bruises will appear.

The jar is moved over the skin in circular or linear movements. No need to try to massage the entire abdomen at once. Different areas are gradually processed. First, one piece 7-10 cm long, leading the jar back and forth, then another section.

Under the navel, movements should be directed upward towards the chest. Above the navel - down to the pubis. The duration of the massage for each area is 5-10 minutes. The total time for belly massage for weight loss is 20 minutes.

How to control the correctness of a belly massage

The procedure can hardly be called pleasant. The impact is painful, but bearable. If the sensations are very intense, you need to unhook the jar and try again. There may be too much skin trapped.

After massage of the abdomen, there should be no bruises on the body. Of course, single hematomas can occur at the beginning, when there is still no skill, but if there are a lot of bruises, it is worth abandoning the procedure or contacting a specialist.

After carrying out a cupping massage of the abdomen, the structure of subcutaneous fat should change. It seems to be becoming structured, lumpy. Visually, this is not visible, it is noticeable only to the touch. This indicates the process of destruction of fat mass. Such sensations last 30-40 minutes, then everything returns to normal.

The effect of cupping massage

The course of procedures lasts 15-30 days. With regular procedures, 3-4 cm of body volume is consumed per month. At the same time, the skin becomes more elastic, its tone increases. In the subcutaneous layer, the movement of blood and lymph is activated, which helps to remove stretch marks, remove pigmentation.

After the massage, the volume of the body is not restored within 1 year. In the future, it is important to monitor nutrition, play sports or re-take a course of canned abdominal massage for weight loss.

To achieve the maximum result in weight loss, it is better to use a set of procedures. For example, limiting food at the same time, arranging physical training and leading an active lifestyle.

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