How To Get Rid Of The Belly With Massage

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How To Get Rid Of The Belly With Massage
How To Get Rid Of The Belly With Massage

Medical experts say that you can get rid of the abdomen with the help of massage. Fats rich in amino acids accumulate in the waist and abdomen. With them, the body is extremely reluctant to part. Therefore, a special massage is needed to lose weight in this area.

Abdominal massage
Abdominal massage

It is necessary

Massage oil, cream, honey, water pressure, towel, mitten


Step 1

Massage rules. During this procedure, unpleasant and painful sensations should be minimized. If they appear, this may indicate the presence of a disease. Massage should be done before meals or 2 hours after meals. Any massage for weight loss with your hands must be performed strictly clockwise. The course should be combined with a non-strict diet or, for a while, give up sweet, fried foods. Any physical activity will be good as a supplement.

Step 2

Pinch massage for slimming the abdomen. It is performed in the supine position for 15 minutes. Apply any massage oil to your stomach. Wait until it is absorbed, and with your fingers grab the folds of fat, starting to sort them clockwise. You should move around the entire stomach, gently pinching it. After that, increase the pressure, make the pinches so strong that the skin turns red. Do the massage very vigorously, otherwise there will be no effect. When finished, rub your stomach with a terry towel (in a circle). The purpose of the pinch massage is to loosen fat, smooth the skin, prevent stretch marks and stagnant deposits.

Step 3

Honey massage. During the procedure, you should use 2 teaspoons of natural honey mixed with 10 drops of any essential oil. Take the resulting mixture in the palm of your hand and slap them on the stomach for 15 minutes. Alternate patting with stroking: honey will gradually acquire a more viscous consistency, this should not be embarrassing. Then take a shower and moisturize your belly with apple cider vinegar (this is a great anti-cellulite remedy). For effective weight loss, you need to do at least 10-15 sessions every other day. This massage, by the way, helps to eliminate toxins.

Step 4

Water massage. This massage is done in the shower. Adjust the water flow. Then direct the jet to your stomach and drive it clockwise. The pressure and temperature of the water should be periodically changed: first a strong stream, then a weak, warm, then cool, and so on. The massage should be done for 10 minutes every day. The first results will appear in a week. Contraindications: pregnancy.

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