What Shoes Go With A White Dress

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What Shoes Go With A White Dress
What Shoes Go With A White Dress

Video: What Shoes Go With A White Dress

Video: What Shoes Go With A White Dress
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White is traditionally considered a reflection of purity, romance, tenderness and a reminder of bright moments. It is not for nothing that brides dress in white for a wedding. But a dress of this color is worn not only on special occasions. Many people prefer this beautiful piece of clothing as their everyday wardrobe. However, it is important to know what the white dress goes with. This especially applies to the selection of suitable shoes and accessories.

What shoes will go with a white dress
What shoes will go with a white dress


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Choosing shoes for a white dress will not be difficult, since this color is combined with any shades. Therefore, the choice of shoes will largely depend, first of all, on your personal preferences, as well as the event for which you want to dress in a light outfit.

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For the office, it is advisable to choose classic black pumps with medium heels. A white dress in combination with black shoes will look quite appropriate. This set looks discreet and at the same time very elegant. In addition, you can use another set for work - a white dress and beige shoes. Such a tandem in a work environment will look neat and quite appropriate.

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For the evening, you can opt for a more extravagant shoe model. An evening white dress will look interesting if you wear high-heeled shoes, preferably with stilettos. The color of the shoes should be bright. For example, a white dress and red shoes will add grace and chic to you, a light outfit and blue shoes - sophistication, and a white dress and pink shoes will indicate your love of glamor and originality. It is not uncommon for modern fashion icons to choose this combination. This in some way allows you to convey the image of Barbie, loved by many since childhood.

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For a walk and as an everyday option for a white dress, you can pick up slightly simpler shoe models. As such, sandals are perfect, as well as shoes with a solid sole. You can choose a variety of colors, ranging from light gray to bright scarlet. Lilac shoes or coral sandals will look unusually romantic and gentle with a white dress.

Step 5

Do not forget about accessories suitable for a light outfit. If the dress is of a fitted style, a belt is perfect for it. Its width depends a lot on the type of your shape. The belt can be of any color, except for pastel shades. Light colors will simply get lost against the background of your white dress. If your outfit is light and retro, with a full skirt and sleeveless, it is very easy to create a rock and roll look. Put on red shoes, a red belt, a clutch, and add a hairband of the same color. You will look truly irresistible.

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As for precious jewelry, we can safely say that all types of jewelry are suitable for a white dress. The main thing is that they are in harmony with other accessories. But gold against the background of a light outfit can get lost. However, gold jewelry looks great with a white dress in the Greek style. Put on gold necklaces, wide hairpins and bracelets, put on weightless white or gold sandals - and now you have entered the image of the Greek goddess.