How To Choose Wedding Shoes For A Dress

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How To Choose Wedding Shoes For A Dress
How To Choose Wedding Shoes For A Dress

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Choosing a wedding dress is an occupation that takes a lot of time and effort from the bride. Having found the perfect dress, one should not forget about accessories - a veil, a bouquet, gloves, a purse and, of course, wedding shoes. The grace of the bride's gait and her well-being during a long wedding ceremony depend on them. This means that their selection must be approached with all responsibility.

How to choose wedding shoes for a dress
How to choose wedding shoes for a dress


Step 1

Choose a heel height that is comfortable for you. The bride will have to spend most of the day on her feet, which means that the last of the future purchase should be as comfortable as possible. If you preferred sneakers and ballet flats before the ceremony, you should not buy shoes with 12-centimeter stilettos - you simply cannot walk in them.

Step 2

Try to match the color of your shoes with the shade of the dress. Shoes in light beige or cream are suitable for an ivory-colored toilet, and white or silver sandals for a snow-white outfit. Ideally, even the materials of shoes and clothes match - you can choose shoes covered with silk for a satin dress, and the lace trim of the bodice and sleeves will harmoniously combine with lace shoes.

Step 3

Find shoes that are appropriate for the season. In the summer you will be more comfortable in sandals, in the off-season pumps are especially appropriate, and in winter you will be adorable in leather ankle boots with fur trim. If your wedding program includes long walks, you can use an extra pair of shoes so that you can change your shoes at the right time. Please note that spare shoes must have the same heel height.

Step 4

The choice of shoe style depends on the style of the dress. Classic pumps are suitable for the princess's fluffy skirt, elegant open-toed shoes for a short suit dress, and simple low-heeled shoes for an empire-style toilet. Wedding shoes don't have to be overflowing with decor. A fabric rose or a flat bow is the most appropriate decoration. Be careful with bulky metal buckles and beaded embroidery - decorative elements will cling to petticoats and tear the fabric.

Step 5

Try on your shoes and walk in them. You should feel confident. Check the outsole for slipping. Measure your shoes in the evening when your foot size increases slightly. Do not buy a model that is too small for you - most likely, you will not have time to distribute it. The final touch is the fitting of shoes along with the dress. Correct its length - it should be a centimeter or two above the floor.

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