How To Put On A Wig

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How To Put On A Wig
How To Put On A Wig

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Someone thinks a wig is a sign of bad taste, someone - a fashion accessory, but for someone it is the only way to find a beautiful head of hair. In any case, it has a right to exist. However, buying a wig is not enough, you need to know how to put it on and take care of it correctly.

A wig can totally transform
A wig can totally transform


Step 1

In fact, there is nothing difficult in putting on a wig, but there are several nuances that will help you to make it comfortable to wear and look natural.

Step 2

Regardless of whether the wig is natural, artificial or synthetic, it must be shaken well before putting it on. Most wigs are ready to be donned after shaking and straightening. Curly wigs are not combed - they are only straightened by hands after shaking.

Step 3

No need to try to style your hair in a wig perfectly straight and smooth. Still, they should mimic natural hair, which is never perfectly styled. It will naturally look like a wig in which some of the hairs are intertwined.

Step 4

You don't have to cut your own hair to wear a wig. In order to hide them, a special hat is put on the head, which is a mesh with an elastic band. Gently tuck the hair under the elastic, making sure that the hair is evenly distributed over the scalp. Do not be afraid that your natural hair may crawl out from under the wig - the mesh will prevent it from breaking through the base.

Step 5

Now the most important thing is to put the wig on your head. Take it by the temples and put it on from front to back. Make sure that the ends of the wig line up with your temporal area. Only then will the wig sit symmetrically. Pull it up from the back.

Step 6

If you are afraid that the wig may fly off, attach it to the net using ordinary hairpins.

Step 7

It is necessary to put the wig on the head. Natural wigs can be curled, use a hair dryer for styling. But if you want your wig to last longer, don't style it too often. Synthetic wigs should not be exposed to heat at all, so you need to choose their shape right in the store. If your wig needs to be brushed, take a very soft, wide-toothed brush and run it through your hair.

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