What Glasses Are Suitable For A Long Face

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What Glasses Are Suitable For A Long Face
What Glasses Are Suitable For A Long Face

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The shape of the face is a highlight that can make a woman unique. The main thing is to correctly balance the features so that they are an advantage, not a disadvantage. To become stylish and confident, it is worth choosing the right glasses for a long face. Please note that you have two tasks - to shorten the oval and at the same time expand it.

What glasses are suitable for a long face
What glasses are suitable for a long face

What does an elongated face look like?

The elongated outline is very close to the classic oval. But the chin of the long face is sharper, and the forehead is narrower. If the frames are not harmoniously shaped, the features can give the face a lean expression.

The elongated oval usually has sunken cheeks and a sloping temple line. On the one hand, it looks sophisticated. On the other hand, it can give a girl a gaunt look.

Recommendations for choosing an accessory

Choosing glasses for an elongated face, you need to give preference to bright models with massive frames. Such a frame will somewhat soften the pointed features, giving them a more feminine look.

Wearers of this appearance need to take care that the sunglasses completely cover their eyebrows. If you leave your eyebrows open, your face will take on a bewildered expression, which makes the long face funny.

To "flatten" the elongated oval at the top and bottom, it is worth choosing glasses that are wider than the face itself. Such a model will simultaneously visually expand the cheekbones and cover the beveled temples.

A long face has one indisputable advantage - round glasses, fashionable nowadays, perfectly "fit" on it. This model is called "nerd", "Basilio's cat", "glasses for the blind." Lady Gaga loves them very much because they are stylish and perfectly cover her skinny features.

Sunglasses for a long face give you almost unlimited scope for a flight of imagination. Holders of such features are very suitable for wide and double low lintels, thick bows decorated with ornaments or stones. Also on the elongated face, huge glasses-butterflies, "aviators" and "drops" look harmoniously.

In addition, a massive bright frame made of plastic and metal is welcomed. Don't be shy to show your imagination. Girls with a long face can safely wear glasses of unusual colors. The main thing is that all the decor is concentrated on the outer edges of the frame at the temples. Also a good solution would be a straight top line of the frame, decorated with rhinestones.

Things to Avoid

Girls with an elongated oval should not buy narrow glasses with thin frames or without them at all. A thin jumper will make the features inharmonious, and if, moreover, it is located too high, it will stretch the face even more.

Also, glasses do not go to the elongated features, the frame of which is equal to the width of the face and opens the temples.

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