What Is A Chignon

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What Is A Chignon
What Is A Chignon

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An effective and easy way to create a flawless, trendy and stylish hairstyle is to use a hairpiece. Hairpieces do not require special care and do not need constant correction. Today they are rightfully recognized as the best alternative to hair extensions.

What is a chignon
What is a chignon

The term "chignon" is of French origin. This is the name of the hairstyle, for the creation of which false curls are used. Chignon is able to decorate any girl regardless of the type of her face, figure, skin color, eyes and hair. False hair, when used correctly under any circumstances, draws the attention of men to their owner.

Types of hairpieces

All hairpieces are divided into two types:

- natural;

- artificial.

False curls made from Slavic hair are recognized as the best natural ones. At the same time, long hairpieces are especially loved among women, hairstyles from which allow you to always look gorgeous. The only drawback of these hairpieces is their high cost.

As for artificial ones, today it is difficult to distinguish them from natural ones in appearance. This became possible due to the use of modern technologies in their manufacture. The cost of such hairpieces is much lower, and therefore they are very popular among women. Unlike natural ones, artificial strands can be of any color, which allows you to compose more than twenty hairstyles from them, differing in type.

Types of hairstyles with chignons

Each hairstyle, in the creation of which a chignon is used, is original and attractive in its own way. False hair is fixed with the help of miniature clips, mainly on the crown of the head under the head of hair. Among the popular hairstyles with chignons, it is worth highlighting:

- overhead strands, which are used to add volume to the hairstyle, they are easy to curl and straighten;

- chignons-bangs - they look great in hairstyles that are distinguished by clear, geometric lines;

- a chignon in the form of a ponytail, attached to your own hair, pre-assembled in a bun, you can use it even on short hair, with its help they make complex, voluminous hairstyles and beautiful weaving;

- chignon-babbet, made in the form of a ready-made hairstyle element - use it to create beautiful hairstyles in the style of the 60s;

- "braid" - such a chignon is used to increase the length of your own hair, it is very simple to create an image of a Russian beauty with it, it is enough to weave your hair with an artificial braid;

- a skullcap chignon, used to create wedding hairstyles, is fixed over their hair, and then masked using their own strands and various decorations.

Having learned how to attach the chignon to your own hair correctly, you can create hairstyles of any complexity every day, even at home.

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