How To Tie Your Hair

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How To Tie Your Hair
How To Tie Your Hair

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All girls love to come up with original and creative hairstyles, but when it comes to everyday hairstyles, the creative thought usually dies down. At the same time, everyday hairstyle can combine elegance, femininity, beauty and, most importantly, speed of execution, which is so important in the dynamic rhythm of urban life. Speaking of simple everyday hairstyles, it's time to remember the usual ponytail, which is done very quickly, but can emphasize your style.

All girls love to come up with original hairstyles
All girls love to come up with original hairstyles


Step 1

A ponytail tied to the side of the head looks unusual and attractive. To do this, curl your hair into light curls with a pair of tongs or curlers and spray your hair with styling spray. Gently tuck all your hair into a ponytail so that it is offset to the right or left. Tie up the ponytail with a hair elastic and straighten the strands. If the elastic is simple and solid, leave one strand of hair untied and wrap it around the elastic, securing it with a hairpin or bobby pin.

Step 2

Another way to tie a ponytail, which is universal for any event, whether it be a business meeting or a dinner in a restaurant, is a tail carefully tied at the top of the head. A ponytail tied at the top of the head looks especially good on those girls who have thick straight bangs.

Step 3

Hair to create such a tail must be washed and dried, and if it has a tendency to curl, straighten the hair with an iron. Comb back your hair well and gather at the crown of your head, then tie with an elastic band. If desired, the ponytail on the crown can be made more voluminous by lifting the hair above the ears with your fingers and combing it at the roots. A light fleece will add volume to your hairstyle.

Step 4

A variety of accessories - elastic bands, jewelry, ribbons, hairpins, crabs and much more - allow you to decorate a ponytail and make it suitable for any event. For a gala evening, a hairpin covered with rhinestones and stones is suitable, and a simple elastic band of bright and cheerful colors is suitable for a walk with friends.

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