How A Man Can Find His Style

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How A Man Can Find His Style
How A Man Can Find His Style

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Each man is individual, which should not be forgotten in the pursuit of fashion. Even a stylish thing that does not fit in style can ruin the best figure.

How a man can find his style
How a man can find his style


Step 1

There are several factors to consider when choosing a clothing style. First, the profession. If women are forgiven some liberties in office style, then a man in crumpled cotton - very fashionable - trousers becomes the first candidate for dismissal in a company with a strict dress code. Secondly, the features of the figure. Men of short stature should choose longitudinal lines that pull the figure up; complete - adhere to the same rule and avoid light shades that emphasize problem areas. In addition, only representatives of the stronger sex with an ideal figure can afford tight clothes. A tight-fitting outfit makes too slender very slender. The rule for all types of figures is that clothes should fit perfectly and fit in size. Otherwise, the man will look like a teenager who has already grown out of his pants or, conversely, put on a jacket from his father's shoulder.

Step 2

Check out fashion magazines for men or websites dedicated to the latest fashion trends. There will definitely be a page for the stronger sex. Pay attention to which style of clothing is the most popular now. Find a photo and imagine how these things will sit on you. Go to the store and find similar models in a variety of variations and colors. Most likely, you will be able to find something that is perfect for you.

Step 3

Do not rush too much and dwell on the first style that comes up. Try a few - casual, business, sports. Each of them is appropriate in its own time. There should not be exactly the same things in a man's wardrobe. Buy clothes of different styles, but similar in color and type of models. Then you will not only look fashionable in any setting, but you will also be able to combine objects, creating something completely new.

Step 4

If you have chosen your own style of clothing, but you want something special, use accessories. Glasses, watches, shawls, scarves, hats, exclusive shoes can add charm and sophistication to even the most ordinary costume. Choosing them is even more careful than an outfit. Accessories must be matched in color with at least one wardrobe item.

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