How To Become Like An Anime Heroine

How To Become Like An Anime Heroine
How To Become Like An Anime Heroine

Video: How To Become Like An Anime Heroine

Video: How To Become Like An Anime Heroine
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Anime is becoming more and more popular among young people. Many young anime fans are wondering how to become like anime heroines. This is within the power of every girl, it is enough just to decide on the details of her future image.

How to become like an anime heroine
How to become like an anime heroine

Probably, in our time there are no more people left who do not know what anime is. This genre of Japanese animation confidently strides across the planet, conquering new cities and countries. The anime also reached Russia, conquering the hearts of thousands of schoolchildren and students. Anime is famous not only for its fabulously beautiful drawing, but also for unusual plots and an exciting atmosphere. But still, most of all, the audience is attracted by the beauty and sophistication of the characters. Young spectators dream of being as fragile and pretty as the heroines of their favorite films. How do you become like anime heroines?

Take a closer look at the appearance of anime girls and your appearance. It doesn't matter if, at first glance, you are not at all like your painted idol. You just have to want, and you will certainly succeed!

Let's analyze the characteristic features of the appearance of anime heroines:

1. Straight hair and bangs. Of course, there are exceptions in the anime, and you can see a girl with curly hair and no bangs at all, but this is rare. As a rule, all girls have straight hair and bangs up to their eyebrows. If you have a different hairstyle, it is recommended to cut your bangs and straighten your hair in order to look more like an anime girl. By the way, the length of the hair can be different - it is not at all necessary to grow hair to the heels. In anime, both long-haired characters and characters with short hair are equally common.

2. Bright, unusual hair color. Again, there are exceptions everywhere, and in the anime you can see a lot of heroines with quite ordinary hair color - blondes, brunettes or fair-haired. But still, anime is certainly associated with bright hair color. This will help you draw more attention to yourself and make yourself heard louder. Here the scope for your imagination is very wide - from bright pink and purple to light green or blue. Whatever your heart desires. You can spy on the desired shade from your favorite heroine.

3. Unusual hairstyle. Of course, it is not at all necessary to construct something unimaginable on your head. Many heroines just have loose hair. But we are talking about making people think of anime when they look at you. Therefore, you can make a simple, but at the same time anime hairstyle. For example, you can often see heroines with two tails. It doesn't matter if they are short or long. Here you should pay attention to accessories. Various bows, hairpins will do, especially if they have any cute elements - ruffles, flowers. Headbands with animal ears - cat or rabbit ears - are suitable for loose hair.

4. Shiny hair. As we can see, anime heroines always have shiny hair. It is clear that such shine as on the screen is almost impossible to achieve in real life, but you can get closer to the ideal by specially choosing shampoos, balms and masks for shining hair. By the way, one more little advice: if you have bad hair or do not have the time and desire to carry out all the above manipulations with it, such as dyeing, cutting, etc., you can simply buy a wig, which may even come out cheaper. Overhead strands can also help.

5. Thin eyebrows of the same color as hair. Anime women usually have thin, sharp eyebrows, with a perfect outline, matching the color of the hair. Everything is simple here - pluck the eyebrows in accordance with the desired shape and color them with paint or pencil of the desired color.

6. Large expressive eyes. Eyes are the most important component of the image of an anime heroine. If you have small eyes, don't despair. Colored lenses will help you to enlarge the iris and give your eyes an unusual color. Also use makeup and false eyelashes extensively. Anime makeup is primarily aimed at visually enlarging the eyes, so paint so that the eyes appear larger.

7. Flawless skin. Anime girls all, as one, have perfect skin without pimples, wrinkles and other imperfections. Therefore, you should pay attention to masking your shortcomings. Here you will be helped by foundation, concealers, powder and much more that you use in your daily life to smooth your skin.

8. Lips. Avoid bright and flashy lipstick colors, do not focus on the lips. All anime heroines have a very small mouth. Pale pink, flesh-colored lipsticks, translucent and peach-colored lip glosses will suit you.

9. Clothes. You can talk endlessly about clothes. In anime, the image of a schoolgirl is very common. Such girls wear a wide variety of school uniforms: jackets or vests with a shirt and short pleated skirts (checkered or plain). As a rule, schoolgirls still wear a bow or tie around their necks, which matches the skirt in color and texture. Also, instead of a jacket and / or shirt, girls wear sailor suits. The option of a school dress is also possible. Also, all girls with a school uniform or any other outfit combine knee-highs and leggings that go well with Mary Jane shoes or platform shoes.

10. Figure. Most anime women have an ideal figure without flaws, which is not found among real girls. Look at their legs - they are twice as long as ours. They have a wasp waist, with large breasts and wide hips. Here we can’t do anything, and we don’t need to: beautiful makeup and hair will do their job, create the image of an anime girl. The only thing you can do is to mask the imperfections of your figure with the right clothes. If you think your legs are ugly, you don't have to wear a short skirt. You can find heroines in lush doll dresses in anime or manga and borrow a winning image from them. Universal advice: for the minimum time and money, try to find the heroine that is most similar to you externally, if you can't work with the collective image of an anime girl, and start from it.

11. Accessories. In addition to hairpins, headbands with ears and bows, there is a great variety of various anime accessories. These are tails - cats, foxes, squirrels, and handbags, kawaii soft toys and even live pets - cats, dogs, hamsters. Choose an accessory to your liking and it will complement your look.

The problem is that everything needed for reincarnation will be very difficult to find anywhere nearby. If you live in a big city, you can try your luck to find a specialized anime store for buying clothes or accessories. But if there is no such store in your locality, then there is also a way out. Look for items that suit your style at regular stores. Albeit infrequently, but something suitable can be found. Sew the clothes yourself, and if you don't know how, ask your mother or grandmother to sew, or go to the nearest atelier with your order. Order clothes and accessories online. There you can definitely find products to your liking.

In such simple ways, you can turn from an ordinary girl into a charming cartoon doll, while not losing your individuality.