How Korean Women Paint

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How Korean Women Paint
How Korean Women Paint

Video: How Korean Women Paint

Video: How Korean Women Paint
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Korean girls are considered the most beautiful among Asian women. It is not only about the special features of the face, but also about skin care and the skillful use of decorative cosmetics. Korean make-up implies perfectly smooth skin and expressive eyes.

How Korean women paint
How Korean women paint

It is necessary

  • - yellowish foundation;
  • - beige eyeshadows for daytime makeup;
  • - three shades of eyeshadow in the same range for evening make-up;
  • - black ink;
  • - peach blush;
  • - glue for eyelids;
  • - false eyelashes.


Step 1

Any Asian makeup starts with cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin. Graceful Korean women believe that applying foundation on a “naked” face means ruining your skin.


Step 2

Then the Korean women begin to even out the tone of the face with the help of a tonal foundation. Asian girls know that pinks do not work well with their yellowish skin. Therefore, they choose cream of golden, caramel, beige, creamy brown tones.

Step 3

Korean women pay little attention to their eyebrows. They neatly pluck the hairs, but the arcs themselves rarely fail so that they do not distract attention from the eyes. So, Asian eyebrows are often thin and not too dark.

Step 4

Korean makeup involves emphasizing cheekbones with blush. From warm tones, local girls prefer peach and bronze, and from cold ones - plum. Blush is applied clearly over the cheekbone, and then gently shaded.

Step 5

Most of all Korean women pay attention to their eyes. They do both light daytime makeup and evening smokey eyes. For the first Asian woman use shades of ivory, beige, peach. And the fold of the eyelid is distinguished by a dark brown or gray-black color.

Step 6

The smokey eyes technique is performed using three shades of eyeshadow. Both warm and cold tones are welcome, the main thing is that they go well with each other. The most popular palettes are beige-brown, olive-green, pearl-gray, blue-violet. Brick, terracotta, orange tones are prohibited. Korean women have puffy eyelids, and they know that a red or red tint makes their eyes tear-stained.

Step 7

Asian anime makeup looks very natural and innocent. At the same time, Korean girls manage to open their eyes so that their gaze is not inferior to European eyes. The secret is in a special eyelid glue. It helps to shape the desired shape of the eyes, making the look more expressive.


Step 8

Also, Korean women simply cannot live without false eyelashes. Tandem with eyelid glue, they help draw attention away from overhanging eyelids.

Step 9

The eyelid glue is applied as follows: the movable eyelid is lifted with a special “fork” that comes with the glue. The glue is first applied from the top of the fold. After the first layer has dried, the second is applied - from the bottom of the fold. Then, using the same fork, the desired incision is formed.

Step 10

In addition to liquid glue, you can use special strips. They are glued both at the level of the fold and on the entire movable eyelid.