How To Choose A Dress For A Figure

How To Choose A Dress For A Figure
How To Choose A Dress For A Figure

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Each woman's wardrobe should contain several dresses for different occasions. But often the outfit spoils the figure and gives out flaws. What is the problem? The thing is that there are several types of figures and a certain style of dresses is suitable for each. If you choose your outfit correctly, then it will hide all the flaws and emphasize exclusively the dignity of the female body.

How to choose a dress for your figure
How to choose a dress for your figure

From the very beginning, before buying, we determine the type of figure. There are only four types of them: "apple", "hourglass", "inverted triangle" and "pear". Each figure has its own type of dress.

Pear shape type. These are narrow shoulders, wide hips, the upper part of the body is narrower than the lower one. The main rule when choosing a dress is comfort. If you feel comfortable, you will look great too. Pay attention to the lantern sleeves and V-neck. This shape will help you visually enlarge your breasts and lengthen your neck. Choose dresses with a high waist, in any case, do not buy a dress with a wide bottom and tight top, such an outfit will "weigh down" your appearance.

Inverted triangle shape type. These are broad shoulders, narrow hips and practically no waist. The emphasis in the outfit is on the waist and hips. If you want to visually reduce your shoulders, then get dresses with open sleeves or sleeves on one side. Avoid crew neck dresses, hangers, or lantern sleeves.

The type of figure "apple" - waist, shoulders, hips at the same level. This is the most popular body type today. The outfits should have a fitted, straight silhouette, but not tight around the waist itself. Dresses with a belt are ideal. When choosing a dress, you cannot ignore the colors, types of stripes, ornaments and lengths - they also affect the visual appearance of the figure.

Hourglass shape type. This is, first of all, a narrow waist, but rather wide shoulders and hips. This type of figure allows women to wear dresses of all styles. You can wear a skirt, both flared and narrow. Focus on your narrow waist. You can wear a dress with or without a belt.

Don't forget about age categories. Choose an outfit for your level so that it doesn't look ridiculous. Bright short dresses can be afforded by young and rather slender girls. Silk and satin will make any dress elegant, so clothes made of such material can be worn for a prom or for a wedding to a friend.

Any woman in a dress always looks charming and gentle. But you need to choose the right outfit to look spectacular.

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