What To Wear For Graduation

What To Wear For Graduation
What To Wear For Graduation

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June is a month of sweet breakups. Schools and universities release flocks of young beauties into a new life. What to dress up for a gala evening?

What to wear for graduation
What to wear for graduation

What is the main trend of 2014

Some democratic: it can be a dress to the floor, and a disco dress of the 90s era. Or a flawless pantsuit. Now there is no rigid dictate, a certain silhouette that everyone must urgently put on.

Major mistakes

A glaring mistake that is hard to resist is over-dressing. This is when all the best is put on at once: a dress with sequins, and stiletto heels with rhinestones, and curled elastic curls, and all this is complemented by heavy smokey eyes and, for example, a diadem and extended nails. This image is completely irrelevant. Learn to neutralize the "elegance", for example, to make a relaxed hairstyle to a luxurious dress, this is the casual chic that is now appreciated.

How to choose accessories

Let there be fewer accessories than more. Look at the stars on the red carpets: the neckline is not always decorated with a massive necklace, the "bow" is usually complemented by earrings, and not large ones. The neckline itself is an accessory. Tricks create a sense of purity of the image. Luscious red lipstick or styling in the style of Veronica Lake (Hollywood diva of the 1940s) is already a self-sufficient accessory.

How to choose shoes

Classic black or beige stiletto heels almost always look perfect; this is a universal option. I would refuse models with a hidden platform, it looks somewhat vulgar (although Monica Bellucci wears just such shoes!). Pay attention to exquisite shoes not with high heels: velvet loafers, embroidered with shiny stones or embroidered, slip-ons in metallic color, pumps with kitten heel ("cat heel") of unusual textures, for example, "leopard" from pony skin. "Cat's heel" looks best on tall and skinny ones. And no shoe looks more chic than mind-blowing stiletto heels. But not every girl can spend as much time in them as the celebration requires. There are a lot of photos on the Internet, where the star of "Twilight" Kristen Stewart during the ceremony - in shoes, and at the end of the evening already in sneakers. Taking a "shift" is not boring at all! It can be light soft leather ballerinas in a neutral color. The most daring fashionistas can choose trendy Nike Airmax sneakers or Converse sneakers to match a dress.

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