7 Secrets Of A Handbag

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7 Secrets Of A Handbag
7 Secrets Of A Handbag

Video: 7 Secrets Of A Handbag

Video: 7 Secrets Of A Handbag
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There are a lot of jokes about a woman's bag, which is well deserved. The choice of a woman's bag is a strategic step. After all, it will depend on her how a woman is perceived in society. A person is so arranged that he picks out only the brightest from the general gamut. As a rule, this "brightest" is the bag.

7 secrets of a handbag
7 secrets of a handbag


Step 1

The women's bag reveals all your secrets and allows you to create the desired look. Using the right bag will allow others to form the opinion that is right for you. The bag should emphasize your image and serve to create the desired image.

Step 2

You don't have to pair your bag with shoes or other accessories. A bag can - and should! - to look special. You can even take a bag in such a color that it contrasts sharply with your overall outfit.

Step 3

There is a rule: a big girl - a big bag. The larger the bag, the more miniature its owner looks. This secret is known to Hollywood stars, who are born exclusively with huge bags and suitcases.

Step 4

Much depends on which part of the body the bag is attached to. It is to this place that the views of others will be riveted. Think about what to admire others: your chest, waist or hips.

Step 5

So that the bag does not wipe the fur on a fur coat or sheepskin coat and does not slip on smooth clothes, you need to choose a medium or small bag and wear it on a long diagonal shoulder strap.

Step 6

A good bag can be worth good money. Don't skimp on such an important accessory. Calculate how long the bag will serve you roughly and divide the cost by that number of days. But you should not get too carried away. If a super-expensive and super-trendy bag falls into disrepair in a couple of weeks, it's not a better investment.

Step 7

You should have at least three bags that show you in different ways. Work bag, i.e. the bag with which you go to work. It is best if it is roomy enough and in the same color scheme as your work outfit. A bag for hobbies or leisure time - this can be a bag for sports, social events, for meetings with clients (if, for example, you work in the field of remote sales or MLM marketing in your spare time). And, finally, an elegant bag - for cafes, dates, get-togethers with girlfriends. Naturally, this bag can be unusual and even pretentious.