Where To Buy Copies Of Branded Bags

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Where To Buy Copies Of Branded Bags
Where To Buy Copies Of Branded Bags

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There are plenty of places where you can buy copies of branded bags today. There are such stores even in small cities of the post-Soviet space, not to mention foreign ones. Online stores also firmly occupy their place in the fake market.

Where to buy copies of branded bags
Where to buy copies of branded bags

There are many more copies of branded bags today than original products. This state of affairs is due to the desire of women to purchase a fashionable and recognizable accessory and not the opportunity to spend a decent amount of money on the original model. However, ladies of a higher status also sin with this, since a number of models are produced in a limited number. Today, there are a lot of stores where any woman can buy copies of branded bags for every taste.

Buying copies of branded bags online

The easiest and most affordable way to buy fake bags is online shopping. The closest to you, you can find by search, but most of them, registered in large cities of the post-Soviet space, are resellers. As a result, you will have to pay for the bag at least twice its original cost. At the same time, the quality will not improve. That is why it is easier to go to the sites of sellers from whom these products are purchased. The most famous sites that feature many copies of popular bag manufacturers are TaoBao and Aliexpress.

Both sites are marketplaces for Chinese sellers. There are a lot of copies of bags of famous brands. The Aliexpress website is more search-friendly, especially for Russian-speaking buyers, and the interests of all customers are reliably protected there.

When choosing copies of bags on Chinese sites, remember that bags made from natural materials are rare here and at a cost they are at least twice as high as mass-market models. Copies can be of different quality: from outright consumer goods to a good, high-quality fake.

Where to buy copies of branded bags in your city

If buying via the Internet seems like a "pig in a poke" to you, you can go to the iconic places of your city.

The most popular place with hundreds, if not thousands of cheap copies of branded bags, is the marketplace. Naturally, their quality leaves much to be desired, and they are far from the originals and materials, and the accuracy of tailoring. Bags only repeat the shape, print and have a distinctive sign in the form of a logo, often with a mistake in the name.

Another option for buying copies of branded bags is shops and so-called sales representatives of “confiscated” goods. Their assortment includes only fakes. You can safely omit all assurances about the sale, marriage and confiscation, realizing that you have a copy in front of you.

You can buy high-quality copies of branded bags in boutiques and shops in shopping centers. The sellers of these boutiques talk about the authenticity of the goods, their cost is sometimes close to the original, or even higher, but more often than not, these are just good copies of branded bags. The reason for this is that most of the world's famous brands sell their goods, including bags, exclusively in their own branded stores. Some of the models are not at all available to buyers even with high incomes, for example, Birkin. Therefore, having met such a bag in a store, you can be sure that there is a copy in front of you.

Copies of branded bags abroad

Since there is a fight against counterfeiting in European countries and the United States, the most popular countries for buying fake bags are still the same China, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt. Copies of branded handbags in these countries can be purchased on shopping streets and in most stores. Many of the sellers truthfully say that the bags are just a copy.

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