Types Of Nike Sneakers: How To Choose Comfortable Ones

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Types Of Nike Sneakers: How To Choose Comfortable Ones
Types Of Nike Sneakers: How To Choose Comfortable Ones

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Nike is a leader in the design and manufacture of athletic footwear for an active lifestyle. There is always an opportunity to easily choose the most comfortable shoes for yourself among the following types of sneakers from this company: NikeAirMax 90, NikeFree, NikeCortez.

Types of Nike sneakers: how to choose comfortable ones
Types of Nike sneakers: how to choose comfortable ones

Nike air max 90

The Nike AirMax 90 line of sneakers from Nike is very popular, not only among athletes, but also among ordinary people. Thanks to their special design, they are perfect for wearing in everyday life, for sports and even for picnics. These shoes are very comfortable, as their characteristics are constantly being improved. Sneakers of this type should be chosen for those who value both the comfort and safety of their feet. The fact is that such shoes provide good cushioning and protect the foot from impacts, which was made possible by a special air insert in the heel area.

For those people for whom the comfort of the shoe is associated with its flexibility, a special structure of the insole has been developed, which makes the sneaker just like that. It seems as if the leg merges with them. Thanks to this property, the gait looks natural and light. In addition, the sneaker has a special rubber waffle outsole that allows the foot to feel comfortable on uneven and slippery surfaces. Therefore, the NikeAirMax 90 should be chosen by those who encounter just such roads.


NikeFree is a unique comfort technology that is best suited for those who are overweight or for athletes who are faced with regular training. Sneakers in this line strengthen the foot well. There is a good layer between the sole and the last, thanks to which you can be confident in the strength of the shoe, even despite the fact that its owner is overweight. NikeFree sneakers have a hard upper made of lightweight material that locks in the forefoot. This creates reliable support during training. The sole has deep slots that increase the level of mobility of the foot, making the shoe as comfortable as possible.


The NikeCortez is considered a lightweight sports option that is great for ping-pong and tennis. Outwardly, these shoes look fragile and light, but in fact they are very durable. You can not be afraid to wear such sneakers in the rain. By the way, the material from which they are made dries quickly, which allows you to regularly use the same pair of shoes. It can also be said that they have an anti-slip function, so they can be worn even on slippery roads. Among these three types of Nike sneakers, you can choose the most suitable shoe, depending on the purpose of wearing and the conditions of use.

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