How To Age Jeans

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How To Age Jeans
How To Age Jeans

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The fashion for jeans never goes away. A variety of styles and cuts have become commonplace in the denim world. Real jeans, by definition, don't have to look brand new. The top of the style is worn, even deliberately aged jeans. There are many reliable ways to age jeans at home.

How to age jeans
How to age jeans

It is necessary

  • - Sandpaper;
  • - Pumice;
  • - Scissors, razor;
  • - Bleach;
  • - Cotton swab.


Step 1

To age your jeans with sandpaper, slide them over and rub the fabric with sandpaper. You can use either fine sandpaper or coarse sandpaper - the effect will vary.

Step 2

You can rub the jeans you are wearing with a regular pumice stone until you achieve the desired result.

Step 3

Spread the jeans on the table and scrape them in the right places with scissors or razor blades until the threads appear and fake holes appear.

Step 4

Dissolve the bleach in hot water and place the jeans in it. They will bleach unevenly, creating an antiqued effect.

Step 5

Use a piece of cloth soaked in undiluted bleach, blot your jeans in several places, or rub them thoroughly. You can use bleach to apply designs and letters to denim by cutting them out with a stencil.

Step 6

Using a cotton swab also dipped in bleach, you can draw fake stains, patterns, and age the edges.

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