How To Fold A Suit

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How To Fold A Suit
How To Fold A Suit
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For frequent tourist and business trips, it is important to learn how to properly pack your suitcases. On a business trip or on vacation, you may need a formal or smart jacket pair, and conditions for ironing clothes in field conditions are not always available. It is important to carefully fold the suit into the travel container so that it does not wrinkle. In doing so, you can save extra space for other essential items.

How to fold a suit
How to fold a suit

It is necessary

  • - wrapping;
  • - Hangers for trousers;
  • - coat hanger;
  • - scotch tape and scissors;
  • - two plastic bags (optional).


Step 1

Iron or steam the suit thoroughly and make sure there are no keys or other foreign metal objects in its pockets that could damage the fabric when folded. Before styling, spread the items on a firm, horizontal surface and carefully smooth out any wrinkles or wrinkles.

Step 2

Turn the shoulder of the jacket completely inside out (leaving the sleeve in its original condition!). After that, one shelf should be turned out completely and the thing should be folded in half so that its front (not turned out) part goes inside the other (turned out). In this case, it is necessary to fold the jacket strictly symmetrically, precisely aligning one shoulder with the other.

Step 3

Measure a straight line at your waist so the garment can be folded in half. To avoid creases from this, it is recommended to lay the jacket together with a stack of linen (for example, 2-3 shirts) - put it on the fold line.

Step 4

Now try folding your pants. First, line up the legs with each other, carefully lining each fold. Then place the garment at the bottom of the suitcase with the belt to the edge, and attach the folded jacket upstairs. Close the resulting pile of clothes with trousers, and put the linen on top again - this will save the trousers from an ugly transverse fold. The trousers will have to be folded two or more times, depending on the size of the road container.

Step 5

Practice laying the suit using thick wrapping paper - it will additionally protect the product from creases, and at the same time from white lint (if linen is stacked next to it) and accidental damage. To do this, spread paper sheets on a spacious surface and gently spread your jacket on them.

Step 6

Cover the garment with another piece of wrapper and spread the folded pants lengthwise and in half on it. Place the paper backing on top again. Secure the paper with tape if the stripes are fairly narrow and diverge at the edges.

Step 7

Now gently roll the suit into a roll. If the capacity of a bag or suitcase allows, you can pre-put hangers into the jacket, and grab the trousers in the belt area with a special hanger with clips. This will allow the suit to hold its shape better.

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