How To Put On A Tie Clip

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How To Put On A Tie Clip
How To Put On A Tie Clip
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The clip is intended for two purposes: to keep the tie from fluttering like a banner in the wind and to emphasize the status of its owner. But if you put on a clip that does not fit your tie, or fasten it incorrectly, and all your efforts will go to waste.

How to put on a tie clip
How to put on a tie clip

It is necessary

  • - tie;
  • - tie clip;
  • - mirror.


Step 1

Match the clip to the tie. Ideally, if the length of the clip is the same as the width of the tie, or if the tie is slightly wider than the length of the clip. If the tie is much wider or narrower than the clip length, this accessory should not be used.

Step 2

Put on a tie. Determine by eye a distance equal to one third of the length from the tie knot. Above this area, do not attach the clamp. It can also be installed on the line of the topmost jacket button or on the line of the bottom of a shirt pocket.

Step 3

Fasten the clamp so that it is perfectly parallel to the floor. Check it out by looking in the mirror: don't trust your gaze from top to bottom.

Step 4

Attach the chain to the button on your shirt. The button should be as close as possible to the location of the clip. And only after the chain is fastened to the button, it can be fastened.

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