How To Trim Side Bangs

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How To Trim Side Bangs
How To Trim Side Bangs
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Oblique bangs are more suitable for creative haircuts. You can trim this type of bangs at home, you do not need special devices for this, but ordinary scissors will do. The scissors you use to cut your hair should not be used to cut other materials or paper, as they become dull.

How to trim side bangs
How to trim side bangs


Step 1

If your bangs on one side rise at the roots, then you need to cut dry hair. The elongated part should be the one that rises.

In the event that you have manageable hair, slightly dampen it with water.

Step 2

Decide what angle of inclination you need. But it shouldn't go beyond the hairline (the place where forehead hair begins to grow).

Step 3

Pinch the hair between the fingers of one hand at the desired angle and trim off the excess hair.

Step 4

Comb through bangs and smooth out any unevenness. If you have thinning scissors, profile the bangs slightly.

Step 5

The easiest way to get side bangs is by going to a hairdresser. The expert will make the desired bang shape professionally and quickly.

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