How To Button A Jacket

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How To Button A Jacket
How To Button A Jacket
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Many men are frivolous about trifles and do not know that even a button is at the mercy of the rules of etiquette. And if your jacket has more than one fastener, then you have to remember a few important things.

Single-breasted jacket with two buttons
Single-breasted jacket with two buttons


Step 1

If the jacket is single-breasted (with one row of buttons), then the bottom button should always remain unbuttoned. Thus, for jackets with two buttons, this is the only option. If there are more buttons, then the following rule applies: in an official setting, everything is fastened except for the bottom, in a more informal setting, you can also unbutton the top, a completely unbuttoned jacket is allowed during a meal and in a theater chair.

Step 2

If the jacket is double-breasted, it should be fastened with all buttons, including the inner one. The extreme button can be left unbuttoned only if this is dictated by the characteristics of your figure: a large physique and a wide waist. By its very nature, such a jacket is more formal than a single-breasted one, therefore it is not recommended to wear it open at all.

Step 3

It is also allowed to have unbuttoned buttons on the sleeves - this is a kind of indicator of status, because buttons on the sleeves of cheap jackets are decorative and only in more expensive models are they really functional.

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