How To Choose Glasses

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How To Choose Glasses
How To Choose Glasses

It has been proven by stylists that the shape of the frame of the glasses can change the look of the face. Even the smallest details can play a vital role in shaping the image, so the frame of the glasses must be selected very carefully.

How to choose glasses
How to choose glasses


Step 1

Of course, before choosing the shape of the frame, you need to go to the optometrist to check your visual acuity. After that, you can go to the salon and start looking for the perfect frame.

Step 2

As long as you have the correct oval face, you can afford almost any eyeglass option. The main thing is that the width of the frame should be slightly wider than the widest line of the face or equal to it.

Step 3

Round faces require visual correction, which can be done with frames. If you have this type of face, choose frames with sharp corners, and the width should be greater than the height. The best options are an elongated narrow frame with sharp corners or a neat rectangular frame.

Step 4

An overly elongated face needs extra volume. If you have this type of face, go for wide, rectangular frames with fairly large temples. Butterfly frames with strongly raised outer corners are ideal for owners of elongated faces. You can afford glasses with eye-catching details on the temples. But square frames should be discarded, as they visually make the lower part of the face heavier.

Step 5

The ideal frame for a square face should soften right angles. If you have a square face, look for frames with distinctive soft lines. You will need oval-shaped glasses. The cat-eye frame will perfectly adjust the lines of a square face.

Step 6

A triangular face that tapers towards the top is considered one of the most common shapes. It is quite easy to correct it with glasses. Semi-rim frames without a bottom will suit you. Various glasses with wide arms, decorative elements on the upper part of the frame, or bow-tie glasses will visually make this type of face softer and more harmonious.

Step 7

Heart-shaped faces that are very narrow at the bottom, but have a wide forehead, require very careful selection of glasses. If you have this face shape, avoid massive and heavy frames. Light, rounded options with half or no rims are best for you, and the glasses should be wider at the bottom.

Step 8

The diamond-shaped face is distinguished by a narrow forehead and chin, as well as pronounced high cheekbones. If you have a face of this shape, opt for oval glasses with a noticeably elongated top line. Frames with round glasses, which are sometimes called "grandmother's", will look great on you, but they are rather difficult to fit into the style of clothing.

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