How To Match Sunglasses To Your Face

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How To Match Sunglasses To Your Face
How To Match Sunglasses To Your Face

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Sunglasses are an accessory that is present in every person's wardrobe, from young children to grandparents. It is very fashionable to wear glasses now. They can be purchased in many stores at a reasonable price. There is a huge variety of models of sunglasses, but sometimes you have to choose them for several hours in order to choose the right one for your shape.

How to match sunglasses to your face
How to match sunglasses to your face


Step 1

For holders of a round face, square and rectangular glasses are suitable, they will help to visually narrow it and highlight the cheekbones. A bright-colored frame will also accentuate your face. Stylists recommend girls with a round face to wear glasses with thin frames. Try not to choose glasses that will completely cover your cheekbones; round frames of sunglasses will not suit you at all.

Step 2

Glasses of any shape will go to the oval shape of the face. But, despite this, there are still several tips for choosing them: the frame should not be narrower than the limits of the face, but at the same time, do not allow it to go beyond them. Sunglasses with thin frames are not suitable for a small face shape. Try to line them up with the line of your eyebrows.

Step 3

If you have a long face, wear oversized panoramic sunglasses. It is not recommended to experiment with small rimless glasses, they will definitely not work for you.

Step 4

An inverted triangle face (a wide face with a narrow forehead and a massive chin) needs oval and round glasses with a width greater than the width of the cheekbones.

Step 5

A heart-shaped face will be adorned with glasses with thin frames or no frames at all. They will visually align the forehead, as well as all the proportions of the face. Dark glasses are not recommended, they will make the face look rough.

Step 6

For those with a square face, a cut, rounded shape of glasses is suitable. The slim frame with rounded shape will beautify your pretty face. Don't go for rectangular or square sunglasses with frames that are wider than your face.

Step 7

With glasses, you can hide the imperfections of your face. If your forehead is too large, then glasses will help to visually reduce it. Those with a snub nose will be able to hide this flaw by using glasses with a raised jumper. A too noticeable nose will be hidden by glasses with a large dark-colored rim, having a double bridge and sitting slightly below the bridge of the nose. For a person with a massive chin, glasses with a massive and very thin frame will go, which will slightly slide off the nose.

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