How To Determine Belt Size

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How To Determine Belt Size
How To Determine Belt Size

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There are general criteria by which the body is usually measured. They are called “body measurements”. To determine your size (this applies to trousers, outerwear, and belts), follow one simple rule: measure tightly over the body. There are special size tables, where this or that value in centimeters is converted to a certain size. The same applies to the size of the belts.

How to determine belt size
How to determine belt size


Step 1

To get a correct and accurate belt size, measure your waist / belt circumference over the top of your garment with a regular sewing tape. The resulting value is the size of the belt or the ordered size. Simple and convenient. But if you don't have a centimeter at hand, then you can quite successfully use old trousers, for example, which you wear and in which you feel comfortable. This is very important - the pants should not be too tight at the waist and hips, otherwise they will not fit.

Step 2

If you find such trousers in your wardrobe, then feel free to get down to business. Everything is very simple: use the same centimeter to measure the belt of the “saving” trousers.

Step 3

Remember the value you get. This is your size, which you can use when choosing a belt. Considering that most belts are now universal, that is, you can independently adjust the girth and waist size, your size has only a conditional meaning. You will need it when you choose an exclusive belt that cannot be adjusted by yourself. Or in the case when it is sewn to a suit, trousers or skirt. This is a common trend now.

Step 4

There is, of course, another rather complicated method - a computational one. Measure your height, weight and shoulder measurements. Based on the available values, according to special standardized tables, which are again freely available on the Internet, compare them with the sizes.

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