How To Clean Amber

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How To Clean Amber
How To Clean Amber

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Amber, shimmering in the sun with mysterious reflections, is mesmerizing. It is a pity that amber is a rather soft material and loses its original appearance over time. But it is possible to return the previous beauty to a resin stone, as in principle to any other material.

How to clean amber
How to clean amber


Step 1

If the amber is slightly cloudy, wash it with soapy water and place it in a container of ice water for a few minutes. Then just wipe with a soft cloth. This cleaning method will only help with light dirt, such as grease or soap deposits. After you have washed the stone and dried it, you can put some olive oil on a flannel cloth and rub the amber.

Step 2

Take a soft cloth and start rubbing the amber. A regular piece of velvet is suitable for this. The process is laborious, sometimes it takes several hours to polish. But if you have enough patience, the drop of resin will become transparent.

Step 3

You can try rubbing the decoration with GOI paste. Polish the stone with a soft cloth and a little paste. But if it has areas with deep damage, amber can acquire a greenish color, which will be difficult to get rid of.

Step 4

If your stone is badly damaged, the only way out is to visit a jewelry workshop. Professionals will put your jewelry in order. Sometimes special equipment is used to polish amber, without which the process of cleaning natural resin is impossible.

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