How To Wear Silk Scarves

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How To Wear Silk Scarves
How To Wear Silk Scarves
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A silk scarf is suitable not only for tying it around the neck and thus protecting from the wind. This accessory can be an addition to outfits in a variety of styles, and sometimes replace clothes.

How to wear silk scarves
How to wear silk scarves


Step 1

With the help of a silk scarf, you can make a simple outfit consisting of a shirt and trousers or a skirt more interesting and bright. To do this, tie the accessory like a man's scarf. Position the square of fabric so that the ends point to the right and left. Fold them into the center of the scarf, forming a vertical strip. Put it on your neck, lower the ends from front to bottom. Place the right end on the left and pass it through the resulting loop. Then draw the same segment under the adjacent one and thread it into the formed ring. Spread out a square knot, pull the remaining tails back and tie.

Step 2

With the help of an unusual compact knot, you can turn a scarf into an ornament for an evening dress. Roll the scarf into a tube and put it around your neck. Twist the left end into a very tight bundle. When it begins to curl, tuck it around the base in a spiral shape and thread the end through this circle from the bottom up. Pass the other end through the same ring from top to bottom without twisting.

Step 3

Such an accessory can be tied not only around the neck, but also around the head, using instead of a rim. Fold the scarf into a long, flat strip. Wrap it around your head so that the ends are in the center of your forehead. Thread them through a small plastic ring or secure with a thin rubber band. Pull the rest of the scarf back and tie it in a knot under your hair.

Step 4

A large silk scarf can replace your clothes. Make a top or skirt out of it. For the first type of clothing, tie a knot in the center of the square fabric (on the wrong side). While doing this, try to grab more of the fabric on top. Attach the scarf to you so that the knot is at the neckline. Tie the corners of the scarf at the back behind the neck and at the waist.

Step 5

To make a skirt, take two identical scarves. Wrap the first one around your hips and tie a knot at the side. Put the second one on top, its knot should be on the opposite side.

Step 6

Finally, you can make a belt for trousers or skirts from a scarf. Simply fold it into a strip and loop it through the belt loops. The ends can be tied in a knot and wrapped around the waistband.

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