How To Sew Buttons On A Coat

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How To Sew Buttons On A Coat
How To Sew Buttons On A Coat

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If you decide to sew a button on your coat yourself, know that there is a special technique for this. The most important thing is that the button is comfortable to fasten and unfasten. Therefore, it cannot be sewn tightly to the fabric. But even a loosely sewn button can come off so quickly.

How to sew buttons on a coat
How to sew buttons on a coat


Step 1

First, pick up a thick needle with a large eye. The thread to which the button will be sewn should be similar in thickness to the weave thread of the fabric.

Step 2

Cut off the thread from the spool, about 50 centimeters. Thread the needle, align both ends. Wind the string around your index finger a couple of times and tie a knot. Leave about 0.5 centimeters of thread below the knot.

Step 3

Now start sewing. Place a match between the fabric and the button. Sew each stitch on opposite sides of the match, pulling the thread taut. There should be about ten stitches in total.

Step 4

Remove the match carefully. Bring the needle between the fabric and the button and wrap the threads under the button several times with it. You should get something like a stalk. Then insert the needle through the stalk into the fabric and repeat this operation several times.

Step 5

Bring the thread to the wrong side of the fabric. Cut the thread and tie it in a strong knot. Cut off excess threads. Your button is now securely sewn on.

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