How To Patch Jeans

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How To Patch Jeans
How To Patch Jeans

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If your favorite jeans are torn, do not despair and immediately throw them away. There are several ways to hide an unwanted blemish by giving your old jeans a new lease on life.

How to patch jeans
How to patch jeans

Hidden patch

Standard patches, as a rule, do not look very nice and aesthetically pleasing, so modern seamstresses have developed a way to make hidden patches that do not "give out" damage to the fabric and completely imitate a torn piece.

So, in order to make a hidden patch, pick up a piece of fabric with a larger diameter than the hole in your jeans. The color does not have to be exactly the same as the clothes being repaired, but it is best to choose the most similar color. If the hole is in an inconvenient place, for example, in the corner of the pockets, then it is better to rip off the interfering parts and temporarily sweep them to the rest of the jeans.

Take the prepared patch, attach it to the wrong side and baste.

Find a thread that matches the color of the denim and start sewing with a straight stitch along the hole. The shallow stitch should start a little earlier than the edge of the hole and end a little later than the opposite edge. Try to repeat the stitch of the fabric and go in the same direction as the pattern on the jeans. Do not be lazy and make the stitch as small as possible - this way it will be less noticeable.

After you have gone through the entire diameter of the hole, carefully secure the knot and cut the thread. Then cut off the excess fabric from the wrong side and sew in place the ripped pieces.


If you have ripped jeans that have no pockets, or the hole is on the side, you can hide it with a patch pocket. To do this, take your old jeans and open the pocket that you liked the most from them. It is desirable that the color matches the item being repaired, but if you brighten blue jeans with a red pocket, you will get a new original item. Choose the threads in the same color as the stitching on your product. Sew on the pocket, covering the hole. You can make it "fake", mending it on all sides, and decorate with buttons or rhinestones.

Reception of a stylist

If you tore your jeans in a place below the level of the hips, then in order to hide the resulting hole, it is not necessary to sew it up or hide it with patches. You can make it part of your own style by extending it horizontally and adding several similar cuts, either on the same leg or symmetrically on the opposite side. So that your cuts do not "diverge", process them with a fine stitch along the diameter of the holes.

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