How To Make Jeans Fashionable

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How To Make Jeans Fashionable
How To Make Jeans Fashionable

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If you have boring jeans in your wardrobe that you want to throw away or give to a friend, take your time. After all, you can try to make a stunningly beautiful and fashionable thing out of them. So you can redesign your wardrobe with your own hands. This method is called "hand-made" about it and will be discussed in this article.

Holes in jeans can also make a thing look fashionable
Holes in jeans can also make a thing look fashionable


Step 1

Sequins. Use these hole-paneled flat plastic jewelry to add shine to even the most casual jeans. Just make up some interesting pattern out of sequins. This can be done as easy as shelling pears if you know how to sew at least buttons. True, you can sequins and stick it on if the denim is not too dense.

Step 2

Coloring jeans with acrylics is a rather original technique. You do not have to wield a needle and thread. Just buy glossy or matte paints, make a stencil by printing some trendy design and cutting it out. It is better to dye jeans with a small piece of foam rubber or a soft sponge. Do not stretch the material to avoid smearing the paint. After drawing, iron it with an iron through tracing paper.

Step 3

Applications. This is already a classic. Applications are different. You can take a ready-made thermal application by ironing it with an iron, or make a drawing from fabric with your own hands. Appliques can also be used to close gaps in clothing. The main thing is not to turn the composition into a jumble of fabric drawings.

Step 4

Glowing paints are a great choice for partygoers. These paints, applied to jeans in a beautiful pattern, will glow under the influence of neon lamps. You can also use glowing appliqués or threads.

Step 5

Beading is another classic element that can make old jeans look trendy. Beaded patterns look very attractive on any outfit.

Step 6

If you don't have beads, acrylics, or appliqués, you can fake scuffs on your jeans. Tight jeans can be transformed with sandpaper. Just don't damage the fabric. Thin denim or stretch denim can be scuffed with a regular rough pumice stone.

Step 7

Holes. This technique is one of the simplest methods that a handmaker has in service. However, just making a hole is not the case. This business has its own subtleties. First, use a bar of soap or chalk to mark the area for the cut, then try on the garment. If the hole is appropriate, start creating it. That's all.

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