How To Wear A Shirt With A Frill

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How To Wear A Shirt With A Frill
How To Wear A Shirt With A Frill

Video: How To Wear A Shirt With A Frill

Video: How To Wear A Shirt With A Frill
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Fashion dictates its own terms, but everyone is free to apply them in their own way to a specific situation. However, such a peculiar addition to clothing as a frill requires a special attitude in terms of compatibility with all wardrobe items in general.


Frill is a trim that is placed from the neckline to the lower neckline. This frill is quite fluffy.

What style is the frill suitable for

To diversify the wardrobe, many fashion fans have long paid attention to frill collars. They perfectly transform a business suit, especially in combination with breeches. Such an image evokes thoughts of a retro style, while the look is quite interesting and sexy.

Fitted jackets and regular jackets are perfect for such blouses. As for the trousers, it is recommended to purchase skinny trousers, leggings and a pencil skirt for the set. In summer, you can dress in classic-cut trousers or lightweight shorts. Capri pants, trousers with narrow legs, mini and maxi skirts are perfect for tops with frill.

It is worth recalling that a frill can be a separate accessory that can be attached as needed. It may even resemble a tie. Frill helps to do without additional accessories, since such an addition in itself is an excellent decoration for the image.

Jabot gives a certain amount of bohemianness, romance and elegance. Many people combine the collar with fitted options, cocktail outfits and vintage tunics.

What does frill combine most organically with?

Despite the seeming ease of introducing a frill into an image, you must follow some rules and have certain skills. Stylists note that the frill looks quite appropriate in a casual style. When combined with jeans and a simple shirt, it creates a rather feminine look.

The ideal option is a frill and a sheath dress. A set of frill and fitted silhouette looks original, as well as blouses with "flashlight" sleeves, lightweight tops. In this case, the color scheme should be kept in a monochromatic style. Pure white color is actual. It is not recommended to create a union of frill and color-blocking clothes. This will make the image heavier.

If you have a frill in a suit, you should forget about jewelry on the neck. They will look vulgar. Only a cameo brooch pinned in the center of the frill is appropriate here.

The main fluffy part of the costume should be a frill. It is worth giving up shirts with flounces and ruffles. Makeup with such a wardrobe should be restrained and not particularly bright.

It should be borne in mind that the frill is combined with tight-fitting silhouettes. It can be a godet skirt, straight trousers, high-waisted shorts.

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