How To Stretch Clothes

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How To Stretch Clothes
How To Stretch Clothes

It often happens that we like a thing in the store so much that we close our eyes to the fact that it is a little too small for us. Or drunk with a purchase, we forget to look at the tag and wash the item at the wrong temperature or in the wrong way. How annoying it becomes in such cases that your favorite thing does not fit your size. Fortunately, there is a way out.

How to stretch clothes
How to stretch clothes

It is necessary

basin, water, ironing board, spray bottle, iron, gauze, towel, pins, hydrogen peroxide


Step 1

If your new blouse is small and you can't wait to show off in front of your friends, you need to wash it in the mode and at the temperature indicated on the label. After that, you need to carefully squeeze the thing, put it on and begin to slightly pull it in the direction you need: down, if you need to expand it in length, to the left and right, if it is small in your width.

Step 2

There is another method for stretching cotton or linen. Place it on the ironing board, spray it with water from a spray bottle, apply gauze and iron over the places that need to be stretched, and pull the fabric with your left hand.

Step 3

Products made from jeans tend to stretch, but if this still does not happen, then pour warm water into a basin, lower the jeans into it and after 5 minutes, carefully squeezing them out, pull them out. Put your jeans on yourself, lie on the floor in order to make it easier to button them. After that, stand up and slowly do 30 squats. Leave your jeans on for an hour. All this simple procedure can be done with dry jeans, but it will not be as effective.

Step 4

If we are talking about a woolen thing, you need to prepare a basin with cold water, then add 2 tablespoons to the water. hydrogen peroxide per 12 liters of water, then put a woolen thing that needs to be stretched into the resulting solution. Wait 5 minutes and, in order not to damage the structure of the material, stretch the clothes in water with gentle movements. After the procedure, without wringing out, hang the item on a hanger and leave for 2 days.

Step 5

There is another way to stretch a woolen item. To do this, prepare a bowl of lukewarm water, add conditioner, and leave the clothes in the bowl for 15 minutes. Then you need to prepare an old towel, in area exceeding the size of the thing, put it on the floor, then take the thing out of the basin and lay it out on the towel. Next, you need to evenly stretch it to the desired size and secure it with pins to the towel at a distance of 2 cm. If necessary, you can use some kind of weight.

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