How To Choose A Swimsuit For Small Breasts

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How To Choose A Swimsuit For Small Breasts
How To Choose A Swimsuit For Small Breasts

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Despite the fact that swimsuits, unlike ordinary clothes, open the body, they can also serve to mask flaws in the figure. In particular, there are special models designed for girls with small breasts.

How to choose a swimsuit for small breasts
How to choose a swimsuit for small breasts

Basic principles for choosing a swimsuit

First of all, you need to remember that the bodice must fit perfectly in size. Sometimes girls with very small breasts buy a separate swimsuit with a bra larger than necessary in order to visually enlarge the bust. However, the effect is exactly the opposite: the swimsuit looks ridiculous and only emphasizes the unwanted features of the figure.

Keep in mind that there are many bras that fit the size of the owners of a small bust, but at the same time really increase it due to the dense thick cup.

It is very important to choose the right shade of your swimsuit. The top should be light and the bottom dark. This helps create the illusion of a fuller bust and smaller buttocks. This option is excellent for balancing the figure and visually correcting its flaws. You can try combining pieces of different swimsuits or choose a one-piece model with a gradient or a sharp transition from dark to light.

Beautiful swimsuit for small breasts

An excellent option for girls with a small bust is a swimsuit with a bodice decorated with beads, sequins, ruffles or other elements. You can view photos of such models to choose the best option and decorate the bodice yourself. You can also purchase a finished product with decorations.

The original decor, of course, attracts attention to the bust, however, due to the volumetric elements, it allows you to visually enlarge the breast. By the way, this option is suitable for those who want to hide the buttocks or hips.

Be sure to pay attention to the models with push-up effect and gel inserts. They lift the breast, give it a beautiful shape, and create the desired volume. In this case, the gel inserts can be removed if necessary.

A swimsuit with prints can also be a good option. If you choose this option, do not buy a bodice with a small pattern or horizontal stripes. Large ornaments, vertical stripes, appliques, a pattern that imitates the pattern of a leopard or zebra skin will do.

For girls with small breasts, a bandeau swimsuit is perfect. It perfectly holds without additional straps, however, to emphasize the beauty of the figure and visually enlarge the chest, you can choose a model with stripes of fabric covering the neck. They look very beautiful and harmonious, and due to the peculiarities of the cut they also make the breasts more attractive.

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