How To Wash Your Bra

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How To Wash Your Bra
How To Wash Your Bra

A bra is an underwear that is in direct contact with a woman's body. It is very important that the bra is clean and does not irritate the skin due to the powder used to wash it.

How to wash your bra
How to wash your bra

It is necessary

  • Mild laundry detergent or soap
  • Laundry bag


Step 1

Secure any hooks or fasteners on your bra before sending it to the wash. This will prevent it from sticking to other clothing and tearing the laundry.

Step 2

Try to hand wash your lace bras to extend the lifespan of your bras. Use cool water and special powder for delicate fabrics or soap.

Step 3

If you wash your underwear in the washing machine, be sure to place it in a dedicated laundry bag. Can be put together with other underwear. But only one color, otherwise you cannot avoid coloring light things in other tones.

Step 4

Wash your bra only in cold water with a delicate wash cycle.

Step 5

Dry your bra using a regular clothesline.

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