How To Lace Up A Corset

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How To Lace Up A Corset
How To Lace Up A Corset

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For a long time, corsets have ceased to be an attribute of old costumes belonging to the past era - today corsets, both classic and modern, have become an integral attribute of women's style. The corset favorably emphasizes the silhouette of a woman's figure, gives her appearance an elegance, and also hides the imperfections of her appearance, forming a thin waist. A rare wedding or evening dress today does without a corset, and many girls who first encounter this garment do not know how to lace it up correctly.

How to lace up a corset
How to lace up a corset


Step 1

Correct lacing of the corset should be uniform, it should emphasize the figure of the woman, and at the same time not hinder her movement. That is why it is worth avoiding incorrect lacing, which turns out to be tightened only on the lower loops, looks ugly and creates a lot of inconvenience.

Step 2

Sometimes the ready-made ribbon that comes with the corset is not suitable for proper lacing - in this case, you will have to pick up and buy a ribbon or cord to match the corset, spending very little money. In addition, by purchasing a new ribbon or a new cord of a fundamentally different color, which, nevertheless, is in harmony with the tone of the corset, you will change your appearance, focus on lacing, and your dress will look more original.

Step 3

The easiest way is to lace up the corset with one cord - to do this, connect both edges of the corset so that there is a distance of 10 cm between them, and then thread the cord into the upper two holes. Start lacing the corset evenly crosswise until you reach the bottom edge. Alternatively, you can lace up the corset with two cords, guiding one from top to bottom and the other from bottom to top.

Step 4

You can also leave long cord or ribbon loops at the waist in a classic corset, and then continue to lace up criss-cross to the end. With these loops, you can then tighten the corset and tie it.

Step 5

Spread the lacing of the corset along the entire length, make sure that it is even, and then fix the lacing on the left and right with a knot. Finally, you need to tighten the corset by putting it on yourself and tightening the lacing so that the corset lies exactly on the figure. Pull the ends of the laces together and tie them into a neat bow.

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