How To Determine The Size Of Outerwear

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How To Determine The Size Of Outerwear
How To Determine The Size Of Outerwear
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Often we are faced with the fact that we do not know our size of outerwear, which confuses both ourselves and the sellers. Alternatively, the size on the label of the garment is in accordance with the standards of the country of origin, for example, Germany. How to determine the size of your outerwear? It turns out there are a few simple tricks.

How to determine the size of outerwear
How to determine the size of outerwear

It is necessary

tape measure


Step 1

If you do not know your clothing size, follow these steps:

Take a measuring tape. Measure your chest at the widest part with a centimeter. Take measurements in clothing that is usually worn under outerwear, such as a sweater.

Step 2

Make sure that the measuring tape runs horizontally around the torso, through the most prominent points of the chest. Do not use an old, stretched-out measuring tape. The tape should not sag, but do not tighten the measuring tape on the chest too tight, otherwise you will incorrectly determine your outerwear size.

Step 3

Stand without tension, without changing your posture, while taking measurements, do not slouch. Ask someone close to you to help you take the necessary measurements if it is difficult for you to do it yourself.

Step 4

Write down your measurements in your notebook. So, if you got the following data, start interpreting the results obtained: 88 cm is the 44th size, 92 cm is the 46th size, 96 cm is the 48th size, 100 cm is the 50th size, 104 cm is Size 52, size 108 cm - size 54, size 112 cm - size 56, etc. By dividing the resulting bust centimeters by two, you will get the desired clothing size.

Step 5

If the height is indicated on the clothes, adhere to this value in the range of + -3 cm. When choosing a product, pay attention to the position of the pockets, the location of the darts, the length of the sleeves and the total length of the clothes. Rate how comfortable it is for you.

Step 6

If you know your size, but the clothes show the size of another - not a Russian manufacturer, use the table for converting one size to another:

- Russia42444648505254;

- USA8101214161820;

- England30323436384042;

- Europe36384042444648.

Step 7

Pay attention to the international size markings: sizes 32-36 - code on the clothing label XS, 36-38 sizes - indicated by code S, 38-40 sizes - M, 40-42 sizes - L, 44-46 sizes - XL, 48- 50 - XXL, 52-56 - XXXL.

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