Country Style Shoes And Accessories

Country Style Shoes And Accessories
Country Style Shoes And Accessories
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Choosing clothes in country style for yourself, you must definitely complete the image. The best companions in this business will be shoes and accessories. If you choose the right items for your clothes, you get the perfect country look.

Country style shoes and accessories
Country style shoes and accessories

Country style accessories

When choosing accessories for country style, special care is required. For their manufacture, mainly natural fabrics are used. More often, accessories are represented by leather or suede bags decorated with fringes. The sizes of the bags vary considerably. They can be tiny or large. Small country handbags are worn on the belt, or slung over the shoulder.

Another characteristic country-style accessory is wide-brimmed cowboy straw or leather hats. But for urban fashionistas, such an accessory is not suitable.

Pay special attention to the selection of jewelry. There are no gold and precious stones in the country! The jewelry is simple, represented by leather bracelets, bracelets and beads made of wood, metal elements made of silver and copper. An elegant addition allowed in country style is knitted shawls and light shawls around the neck.

Country style shoes

Country shoes should organically complete the created image. Give preference to simple models of shoes, high-toed leather boots. The shades of the shoes are mostly dirty yellow or brown, the model itself is made of genuine leather. A good option for country style is cowboy boots decorated with rivets and fringes. Flat sandals made entirely of leather or decorated with leather straps are perfect for country style.

Country shoes for the cold season are represented by leather boots with a wide bootleg. The models have lacing and a small heel.

Do not think that shoe accessories are not that important for the country style. These components will perfectly complete the image, give it a special sophistication and beauty.

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