What To Wear With A Polo

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What To Wear With A Polo
What To Wear With A Polo
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The laconicism of polo made shirts and T-shirts of this cut extremely popular. The distinctive features of the models are a turn-down collar and a neckline, fastened with a pair of buttons. Initially, polo was conceived as a sportswear, but today it is used as an element of everyday style.

What to wear with a polo
What to wear with a polo

Polo: casual sportswear

The polo shirt, invented by Rene Lacoste, was intended for men involved in sports. However, the latter quickly appreciated the simplicity and elegance of the thing and began to wear it every day, combined with trousers and shorts.

Gradually, the spectacularness of the male model was noticed by women. For them, enterprising designers have greatly expanded the range of colors and models with a polo collar. Today, in addition to classic T-shirts and T-shirts, dresses and sundresses with a characteristic collar are also produced.

The cut of the women's polo is somewhat different from the men's: models for girls look more fitted. The main material from which the products are made is cotton. However, today the polo is sewn from jersey, knitwear, linen, etc.

T-shirts and polo dresses are perfect for lovers of casual style. They will allow you to create a laconic, restrained image that is distinguished by elegance. The main feature of polo, emphasized by stylists, is the denial of accessories. With this cut, you should not wear massive bracelets, shiny rings or numerous necklaces. You can complement the ensemble with a light chain or a small pendant on a leather / woven strap.

Competent combination of polo with other things

When creating a set with a polo shirt, you should remember the original sporting purpose of the product. If you start from it, you can safely combine the top of this cut with sweatpants, shorts and laconic cotton mini-skirts. You will have a mix of sporty and casual styles. The right footwear in this case: sneakers / sneakers, ballet flats or flat sandals.

Also, the polo goes well with jeans and skinny pants. Suitable accessories can be a belt of a neutral color, a tote bag, a cap, wristbands, and large watches. In addition to simple sneakers, sneakers that are popular today are suitable from shoes.

Polos are a great companion for boyfriend jeans. The look will turn out to be cocky, simple and stylish. In this form, you can safely go shopping, to a cafe, park or cinema.

Stylists recommend wearing T-shirts and polo shirts not only with sports skirts, but also with casual ones. The best option is a straight or flared denim bottom. Length also matters: it should not be below the knee. The polo also goes well with cotton miniskirts in intense colors.

Polo dresses are in great demand today by business women. A strict collar in combination with classic colors allows you to use the thing for going to work. The dress should be complemented with a blazer or jacket. From accessories, a modest belt or a small brooch will do.

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