How To Make A Jersey

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How To Make A Jersey
How To Make A Jersey

Video: How To Make A Jersey

Video: How To Make A Jersey
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Sometimes I really want to apply my talent not only in my direct work, but also to try myself as a designer. And this is very easy to do. Especially if you have a little free time, a bright T-shirt that you are a little tired of, scissors and fantasy. Let's try to make a T-shirt out of a T-shirt.

How to make a jersey
How to make a jersey

It is necessary

  • Scissors
  • T-shirt
  • Fantasy
  • Small accessories for decoration (buttons, beads, braid)


Step 1

At the very beginning of the process, we need to find a T-shirt that we will not wear for one reason or another. For example, you accidentally damaged the sleeve of a T-shirt or the bottom with a hot iron, or a stain that cannot be washed has appeared on the T-shirt. But in spite of everything, this T-shirt is dear to you and you really like it. If you have found such a T-shirt, then this is the perfect base for our future T-shirt.

Step 2

We try on a T-shirt and visually inspect it for holes or scuffs, so as not to miss anything later, during the manufacturing process. Then, standing in front of the mirror, we begin to fantasize the model of our T-shirt and outline future slots. Their location depends on where exactly you decide to focus on your figure. Maybe you want to make a large neckline, or make a T-shirt on one strap, or make a short top without straps at all - thus, we define the T-shirt model at this stage.

Step 3

Then we start making the incisions - but please remember to try them on after each incision. As the proverb says: measure seven times, cut once. It is better to play it safe, and then get a wonderful designer thing, than once wrongly cut and ruin all your work.

Step 4

The T-shirt differs from the T-shirt by the absence of sleeves, so this part of the T-shirt will be cut off anyway. The edges of the sections can be overlocked, or simply sewn on a typewriter so that the jersey does not come loose. Or you can specially creatively tousle the edges, fluff up the threads, or cut them with fringes for beauty, and gently stretch the strips. The soft knit will curl up and add charm to your shirt.

Step 5

Then you can apply patterns from a can of paint to the T-shirt, or sew buttons and beads on the T-shirt, you can cut small holes and thread a bright satin ribbon through them, there are a lot of options.

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