How To Knit A Sweater With Knitting Needles

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How To Knit A Sweater With Knitting Needles
How To Knit A Sweater With Knitting Needles

Video: How To Knit A Sweater With Knitting Needles

Video: How To Knit A Sweater With Knitting Needles
Video: How to Knit a Sweater: All the Basics! 2023, April

A self-knitted sweater is an original and beautiful piece of clothing, protection from wind and cold, as well as ample opportunities for your creative thought - knitting involves many ideas of styles and patterns that can be used in work. In this article we will tell you how to knit an elegant sweater with your own hands.

How to knit a sweater with knitting needles
How to knit a sweater with knitting needles


Step 1

Find a diagram of the desired jacket. Draw a pattern of the future product in accordance with the required dimensions. Start by knitting the back by typing 75 stitches and using the pattern shown in the diagram.

Step 2

In accordance with the pattern, knit the front loops with the front knit, and the wrong ones with the purl. Also knit yarn overs with purl loops. Repeat the pattern as much as you need to repeat it according to the pattern.

Step 3

Check your result from time to time with the size of the pattern - it should match.

Step 4

When you reach the desired back height, start knitting the armhole - close 6 loops on each side at a height of 51 cm. Then at a height of 39 cm close 30 medium loops to start knitting the neckline. Then, on one side and on the other in every second row, close two loops twice.

Step 5

Finish knitting the back by closing the remaining loops and preparing them for knitting the shoulders.

Step 6

Knit the shelf according to the same principle by which the back was knitted, closing the loops at a height of 35 cm for the neck.

Step 7

Go to knitting sleeves - cast on 35 loops and distribute them in accordance with the scheme and pattern. Tie an edge loop, one front, yarn, then two front stitches with a tilt to the left, three front stitches, two knit stitches together with a tilt to the right, yarn, one front and an edge stitch.

Step 8

Next, knit the second row and all the others according to the scheme. Knit 13 rows and then in every fourth row add one loop on each side. Repeat this step 18 times, then 10 times add one stitch on each side in every third row. When the height is 42 cm, close the hinges on both sides.

Step 9

Having tied both sleeves, the back and the shelf, put the details of the sweater on the pattern, slightly moisten and dry, then connect the shoulder seams first, sewing in the details of the sleeves. After sewing on the sleeves, sew the remaining seams.

Step 10

Now all that remains is to knit the collar. To do this, cast on the circular knitting needles the required number of loops along the back of the neckline and knit with a "braid" pattern, then crochet the front side of the neckline using single crochet stitches, making a picot every 5 stitches.

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