How To Dress A Small Woman

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How To Dress A Small Woman
How To Dress A Small Woman

Video: How To Dress A Small Woman

Video: How To Dress A Small Woman
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Short girls should not be complex because of their height, because next to a miniature woman, any man feels like a giant and wants to help and protect. However, when choosing clothes, you will have to smash your head a little more than girls of standard height.

How to dress a small woman
How to dress a small woman


Step 1

The first mistake that short girls make is shoes with super high heels, and even on a platform. Remember that such shoes will only emphasize your short stature, as they will significantly violate the proportions of the figure. Moreover, it is inconvenient to walk in them. Choose shoes with heels of a maximum of five to seven centimeters.

Step 2

Usually women of short stature have a miniature leg. Emphasize her grace - choose shoes with a narrow pointed toe, a heel - a glass, with a deep cut - this will visually lengthen the leg and emphasize the beauty of its lines. Rough boots with round toes and a flat platform, on the other hand, will make you appear more stocky.

Step 3

Avoid stiff clothing that is pricked. Remember that for short girls it is better to emphasize the advantages of their figure using thin material. Various knitted fabrics, flowing silk, etc. work well.

Step 4

If you are a little girl, then you should not wear robes, too voluminous clothes. Anything that adds volume visually diminishes growth. It is better to purchase tight-fitting or tailored clothing. Also, do not wear floor-length skirts and dresses, especially bell-shaped skirts. Such clothes make tall people taller and short ones lower. The ideal length for a dress or skirt is knee-deep. The figure seems especially graceful if the skirt is narrowed. Wearing too short skirts after a certain age is also not worth it, it will seem that an adult woman is trying to pretend to be a child or teenager.

Step 5

Avoid horizontal lines in clothing, large details such as cuffs of sleeves and trousers, large patch pockets, and contrasts between the top and bottom. Instead, try to emphasize vertical, stretching lines - solid colors, V-necks, long beads, vertical zippers, prominent buttons and top-down trims such as ribbons or ribbons, or decorative seams in a contrasting color.

Step 6

Better not to wear trousers and low-waisted skirts. She visually shortens the legs, which are not very long in short girls. This disturbs the proportions of the figure, and the girl seems shorter and stockier.

Step 7

It is also better not to carry bulky accessories such as bags. A large bag will only emphasize small stature and can create a comical effect.

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