How To Hide Your Belly With Clothes

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How To Hide Your Belly With Clothes
How To Hide Your Belly With Clothes

Most obese women suffer from the fact that their stomachs cannot be called flat. But even when the figure is far from perfect, this does not mean that a woman loses her desire to be liked and look good. Cover up a belly that is too big with the right clothing.

How to hide your belly with clothes
How to hide your belly with clothes


Step 1

Eliminate tight-fitting items from your wardrobe entirely, especially lycra dresses and knits that follow the contours of your body and highlight what you don't want to show at all. Prohibited items include those that have elastic belts around the waist. Revisit all your blouses and keep only those that can be worn outside.

Step 2

In addition to wide blouses, jackets of a straight silhouette, hip-length, hide the belly very well. Wear blouses with an open neckline or with unbuttoned top buttons under them. As a last resort, decorate the lapel of your jacket with a bright brooch - this will distract attention from the belly. For the same reason, avoid straps over clothing that tighten at the waist. If the belt is decorative, then use a wide one that lies on the hips.

Step 3

Choose trousers and jeans with side closures and high waists that will tighten your belly like a corset. Try to wear trousers without a belt, which do not tighten the belly and do not create an ugly "roll" of fatty tissue, which will stick out even under loose-fitting clothes.

Step 4

The most advantageous silhouette for those who want to hide the protruding belly is the trapezoidal one. A variety of fashionable tunics today, flared dresses with a belt that goes under the chest and tied at the back - that's what you need to look slim, since such a silhouette also visually lengthens the figure. The longer the skirt of such a dress, the more graceful and slimmer you will seem.

Step 5

The length of your skirts should be no higher than the line running down the middle of the knee. Avoid mid-calf length clothing - you will look bulky. If an evening dress - then the length is "to the floor".

Step 6

Straight or slightly fitted sheath dresses made of dense, rigid fabrics perfectly mask the belly. Complement such a dress with shoes on a high, stable platform, a scarf or scarf, a bag or a clutch - you will look elegant and your belly will be completely invisible.

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